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subject = english title = Similarities of Harper Lee’s life to her nove “to kill a mockingbird” To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee What similarities did Harper Lees life have with Scouts life? In Harper Lees story she writes about many things that happened to her as a child. In the story Harper is telling the story in the position scout is in. Lee is actually telling The story that she lived as a child. Her real life had various similarities to Scouts life. In this essay I will explain the similarities of Harper Lees life to Scouts life.

As Harper lee was growing up she lived in a sleepy town named Monroeville, Alabama. In this town she grew up hearing crazy stories and rumors which the townspeople would make up. As a child she also heard a lot of stories about ghosts, tall tales, and rumors. This reflects in her story with all the strange stories about Boo (Arthur) Radley. At seven years old she started writing and reading. Even before they had taught her these skills in school.

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She was an intellectual prodigy. She was bored in school and was much more intelligent than all the other kids. As you remember in the story Scout had learned to read and write way before all the other kids and Scout also was bored in school. In real life Harper Lee was a tomboy. In the story Scot was also a Tomboy, she hadnt even worn a dress until her first day of school. Also Harpers best friend was here cousin Truman Capote.

Who is basically what Dill (Charles Baker Harris) was in the book. Harper was a child who for some reason used rather adult words when she talked. If you notice in the book the vocabulary that Scout is using is complicated for a child of merely eight years old. She was also known to knock a boy down and start fighting with him. In the book Scout fought with a boy in two or three occasions. As a child Harper Lee and her cousin witnessed a KKK meeting. For Harper it was an experience that showed the evil in her community.

This experience showed up in her book, where such comments like “Niger Lover” were displayed by the characters in her book. In this essay I have displayed examples of how The book “To Kill a Mockingbird” compares to Harper Lees own childhood experiences. I also explained where some of the characters in the book compare to people in her real life.


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