Stone Angel

Just Wanting A Dream To Come True
It was a beautiful day when I woke up one morning in late July. I decided to wake up and go for a hike since I had taken this week off work to get out of the city and enjoy the wilderness. I started off on a path that is just down the road from my uncle’s log cabin. I entered it looking up at the blue sky and towering trees around me. I walked for about five maybe ten minutes and to the right of me there is a waterfall that opens up to an enormous pool of water. The water was clear as day, and as healthy as purified water. I was really hot from a ten-minute walk so I finished my water and filled up my canteen again and dipped my head into the water to cool off.

I decided to take a path towards an opening in a field. As I am walking down the path I notice a cabin in the distance. My surroundings open up to a field with, butterflies flying around, and as my foot stepped on a stick and it cracks beneath me, a deer pops its head up out of the long grasses as it is resting, realizing that I am not a threat to it. The grasses are as tall as my waist, Purple Lucifer’s stand out in the grass and look absolutely brilliant. The field isn’t very level; it has rolling mounds, which just magnify the beauty of the field. As I am walking around the field I wonder who or what I am going to see near the cabin. In the distance behind the cabin there are gigantic mountains, and the tips of them are covered with snowcaps.

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As I continue walking towards the cabin, a person arises from the distant forest on the left-hand side of the field. As my eyes were focusing with the sun I could have sworn that the figure was an angel. Once my eyes focused with the sum I realized that it was a beautiful women in white clothing. She was holding a woven basket, and looked as if she was enjoying herself. I have never met this person before my entire life. She looked like my mother; she had the same facial structure, same colour of hair, and same posture.

I walked over to the beautiful women, and started a conversation with her.

“Good afternoon, my name is Kirk.”
“Nice to meet you Kirk, my name is Agatha.” she responds with an intriguing voice.

“Do you live in the cabin just over there?” I ask.

“As a matter of fact yes I do. My father built it when he was about thirty. He moved away from the city life and wanted to experience the wilderness for the rest of his life. My mother and father were divorced and that is why he wanted to come live out here. It was one of his childhood dreams.”
“Have you lived out here your entire life?”
“No, I lived with my mother until I was fifteen then moved out here with my father. I have no intent on moving back to the city.”
“Where is your father?” at this point I realized that I should not have asked this question. She broke out in tears, and sat on the ground. She then commenced saying, “My father has been missing since three years ago. He went fishing for supper one night, and never came back. I was so worried, the next morning I went running to our fishing hole only to find his fishing rod and tackle box there.”
“My gosh, I am so sorry, is there anything I can do to help you?” I said.

“Thank you very much for asking but I have coped this long without him.”
As I am talking to this beautiful woman, she seems more and more elegant with every word she says. She made me feel wonderful; she had the softest voice and was very easy to talk to. She was of average height, average weight, shoulder length black hair, brown eyes and very fit.

Agatha then invited me back to her cabin for milk and cookies. As we are walking back to the cabin, all we hear is a loud CRACK. I was very startled and frightened by this loud noise. Agatha was not frightened at all she just told me to ignore the sound, and all it was were hunters that come up every July. This brought back memories of my father. Every July him and my two uncles would come up to a hunt camp and go hunting for two weeks. Then just last year, my mother and I were at home waiting for my father to make his daily call to give us the low down on how the hunt went today. Finally the phone rang. It was my uncle, he phoned to call and say that my father was killed. I have never seen my mom cry so long and so hard before, even when my grandparents died, she did not cry this hard. Apparently my father had slipped and fell down a crevasse. The local police detachment sent out a full investigation. They never did find his body, and was assumed dead. With the decision that the police concluded it was always left in the back of my mind if my father was still alive, my uncle killed him or was accidentally shot, or the bears ate him.

As I recall all of the great times my father and I had together, a bee stings me. That moment I snap out of my trance and scream. After that happens Agatha and I head back to her cabin which reminds me of my cottage in Temagami. Old dusty bearskin on the wall, moose antlers erect on the wall and snowshoes hanging from an old rusty nail on the wall in a criss cross. Agatha sits me down on a rocking chair, making sure my arm stays elevated. Then she rubs a pukey brown lotion onto my arm. The pain is gone and, the swelling slowly diminishes.

We than make our way out on to the porch of the cabin, sit down and have our milk and cookies. I notice a path heading off to the right of the cabin and asked where the path goes Agatha said that we should find out for ourselves. We finish our milk and cookies and head out on a journey down the path. We have walked no longer than thirty minutes and I notice an enormous tree. The tree has a gigantic hole in the trunk of it and its limbs are all tangled together forming knots. The limbs being knotted together looked like a pterodactyl nest.

We continue walking down the trail. Further and further we travel, we come across a huge rock face to the right of us. Patches of humus cling to the rock with water trickling down the side of it. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, I hear a rumbling noise. I look behind me to see a rock the size of a basketball backboard lying on the ground covering the path. The rock had fallen from the rock face; I could see the indent from where the rock was originally. I was as startled as Agatha was, we were frozen in fear and panic, we both looked around to see if there was anything moving around in the forest. Things were getting dimmer and dimmer, as the day grew older. I than asked Agatha if she wanted to head back to the cabin. She agreed easily and we headed back to the cabin.

As we were walking, Agatha mentioned to me about staying for awhile. I said that I would think about it. We continued walking and I was running thoughts through my head. Just wondering what I could do in the next few weeks. I could stay with this beautiful girl forever, or, go back to my home, friends and work. I came to the conclusion, as we arrived at the porch of the cabin. I would stay with Agatha for a few weeks, see how things work out, and than make my final decision later.

We were sitting in the cabin sipping on our raspberry juice and eating the vegetarian stew made from the vegetables in her garden, and I slipped back to a memory of my mother. She made the most wonderful stew; my grandmother made the worst. My mothers stew had chunks of potatoes and carrots in it and a nice broth to the stew too. The more and more I was with Agatha the more and more I fell for her.

After dinner, we went for a walk under the stars and a full moon, to the waterfall where I first started off my hike. She told me this was where she came to think. It was so quiet, peaceful and relaxing. As I sit perched on a rock with Agatha, we sit there in silence thinking about things. I do not know what she is thinking about but I know what I am thinking about. I think and think and think for what seemed to be thirty minutes. I thought about my friends, work, money, and house, everything that I have at home. They are all such great things at home; my friends are the best, we party hard all the time. Work is something that I have striven for, for years I have wanted to become a pilot and then finally achieved it. I produce a large enough income to live quite wealthy and my house I have to myself. If I was to stay in the forest with Agatha, I do not have to worry about money, friends, family, house, work or anything. I would be able to live a carefree life.

After about an hour of sitting on the rock we walk back to the cabin and as I was walking up the stairs I tripped and fell and hit my head. Everything went black, and I eventually came to waking up in a bed.

I was awake at home and my alarm clock had gone off for work today. It was all a dream; I could not believe it. It was such a good dream to, I was so upset. I then started planning a summer hike up in the mountains with a few friends of mine, wishing that dreams could come true.


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