Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development To get to spiritual growth that one must follow steps to go by Love, discipline, Responsibility problem and pain. Spiritual growth is not achieved easily. A person must, learn to love, love him self, and to love to achieve love. Discipline without it he has no responsibility. To achieve discipline one has to have love. Parents whom do not desire so to love and their children will result in the children growing up without the knowledge of discipline or responsibility.

When one grows up with out love, responsibility, and discipline you became lazy. The greatest sin humans can commit is laziness when he is lazy he cannot achieve spiritual growth. One can achieve this when he is with god. Then he has over come mental illness. Being one with God means learning how to discipline his self so he will no be lazy to work toward responsibility. When he has solved his own problems on and loved on his own then the he has his goal of the mean his life. The feeling of being valuable is essential to mental health and is a corner stone of self-discipline.

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If one feels valuable then is no way for person sprit to be broken true discipline. I highly suggest this boot be recommend to trouble teens and when need love, and spiritual growth.


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