~Speech- Let’s discuss DEATH~

Today I want to talk about death. A topic that I consider worth discussing.

The dictionary definition of death is the end of life.

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Every one knows they are going to die, but not every body believes it.

Maybe it is because nobody wants to die. But of course we can’t help it,
eventually everything and everyone dies, even rocks; they turn in to dust,
and get blown off by the wind.

Death is hard to take, for example when someone close to you dies, like a
friend or a family member. In my life time I only had to face a death of
someone I know once. One of my relatives died. He was my mum’s uncle. He
lived in Russia and it happened when I and my family were already living in
China, so we all heard the sad news over the phone. He died of a hear
attack. It was a hard time for us, because he was a really good person. He
always taught me different things and we spent a lot of time together back
in Russia.

When we loose some one close we think of death as a tragedy. In a way it
is, we feel really sad. I think that death of somebody is a really
important lesson in life., especially when someone you knew died.

We start to remember the person better, and all the things you did
together. Its happy memories, but you also come across some sad memories,
and those are the ones that teach you. You remember of all the bad things
you have done to the person who died, and you learn that you shouldn’t
have. You really wished that you haven’t done any of those things and now
you will try to avoid it.

But Death is also scary to thing of at any other time, like when you are
really close to dieing, it could be if you are in a coma, although you
probably wouldn’t know, or you have a bad disease. Maybe if you think of
your past you can remember times when something happened that saved you,
and if it didn’t you would have died. It sure happened to me a couple of
times. One time it was when our family wanted to go on a weekend to Dalian
and we didn’t because of my brother, he got lost in the airport and we
missed the flight, that plane has crashed and it was on CNN later that

I also think that you should think ahead before you die, like are you going
to die without accomplishing anything in life? Or will people you knew
going to miss you?
I think that you should always be nice to people, so later in life when it
comes to death you wouldn’t have any regrets.

You shouldn’t be afraid to die, but you must be aware… When you wake up
in the morning have you ever asked yourself “Am going to die today?” No one
knows, unless they are planning on murdering you…

Are you going to die in car accident on the way back home from school?
Is the plane going to crash when you are going some where for your holiday
and everything seems grate? Are you going to get a phone call tonight
telling you your grandparents passed away, Are you going to see your parent
are when you get back home, or did they have a deadly accident at work?
Just think about how death is unpredictable and horrible! Guess what you
can’t do anything about it, so just let it be…

Alex Matveevskij


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