Something Made A Difference In My Life

Something Made A Difference In My Life There are two things in my life that are extremely important to me. One of these things is sports and the other is helping people. Basketball has been a part of my life for many years. Helping people has always been important but only recently have I been able to combine these two together. Being a Captain on the Varsity Basketball team in my school is very pleasing and puts much joy in my life.

I love to be able to lead my team on to the court for big games and show them the right way of doing things. I try to set examples on and off the court. One example off the court is helping out the disabled kids in my school. My team and I put together a special basketball game for the disabled children in my school. This is only one of the great ways of helping out . I believe it is very important to help those who are incapable of playing sports.

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I can pick up a basketball and play a game at any time I wish. It hurts me to know that some kids cant that is why I try my best to make them feel special and show them that they can play with us too. At the Jewish Community Center, where I play basketball as well, we have Hanukah parties for the disabled children. We give gifts out, dance with them and play games too. It feels great to play with them and show them that theyre not much different then us, we all just want to have a good time.

These events are truly special in my life and I hope it they are special for the disabled kids too. It takes time and patience to help disabled children and Im glad that my team, the J.C.C., and I were capable of helping out. Hopefully I can do more volunteer work or special events in college. Most people dont want to be bothered but once you see the smiles on these kids faces you know your doing something for a good cause and you and the kids feel like you can achieve any goals you set your heart on. Bibliography none.


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