Software And High School

The beginning of the 1990’s is marked by the era of computers.

Everywhere we look ,we see computers. They have become an essential part of our
every day life. If the world’s computer systems were turned off even for a short
amount of time, unimaginable disasters would occur. We can surely say that
today’s world is heading into the future with the tremendous influence of
computers. These machines are very important players in the game, the key to the
success however is proper software (computer programs). It is the software that
enables computers to perform a certain tasks. Educational systems in developed
countries realize the importance of computers in the future world and therefore,
emphasize their use in schools and secondary institutions. The proper choice of
software is very important especially for beginners. Their first encounter with
the computer should be exiting and fun. It should stimulate their interest in
the computing field.

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First and foremost is the fact that computer software is a very
important educational tool. Students in high schools experience computers for
the first time through games and other entertaining software. These help develop
youth’s mental pathway in the way of logic, reflexes and the ability to make
quick and concrete decisions Lipcomb, 66. The next step requires them to think
more seriously about the machines. Secondary students learn the first steps in
computer programming by creating simple programs. Here, the assistance of useful
software is necessary. The computer software has many applications in the real
world and is found virtually everywhere.

The new generation of very fast computers introduces us to a new type
of software. Multimedia is a of computer program that not only delivers written
data for the user, but also provides visual support of the topic. By exploring
the influence of multimedia upon high school students. I have concluded that the
usage of multimedia have significantly increased students’ interest in
particular topics(supported by the multimedia). In order get these positive
results, every child has to have a chance to use the technology on a daily basis

Mathematics is one of the scientific fields that has employed the full
potential of computer power complicated problem solving. By using the computer,
students learn to solve difficult problems even before they acquire tough
mathematical vocabulary. The Geometer’s Sketch pad, a kind of math software, is
used in many Canadian high schools as a powerful math tutor. Students can pull
and manipulate geometric figures and at the same time give them specific
attributes. The next best feature of the software is a drawing document. It
allows for easy drawing of perfect ellipses, rectangles and lines. Over all
students’ marks in the particular subject that have used helpful software have
significantly increased. emailprotected.

Computers have been used commercially for well over 50, their
significant use in modern society however has never been so high. People rely on
computers in every aspect of their lives. Medicine, engineering and other highly
specialized fields of science use computers in their work. Computer education is
very important. It builds the basis for future generations which will be more
dependent on computers than we are today. The usage of computers depends mainly
on the software. It is software that navigates computers through series of
commands to a desired goal. Computer programs used in high schools must motivate
students to study. The degree of difficulty of the computer software has to
increase with the age of the user. Games are introduced first as icebreakers
between children and machines. Later, more difficult software is used. Overall I
think that computer software is very important tool in high school education.

Drake (1987).
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