Social psycology1

When I asked my sample the question I selected from chapter 6 which if it is true or false that the more money you pay people to tell a lie, the more they will come to believe it; they answered confidentially this time that the statement is completely wrong. Sherif said that pay money excessively means that it is a big lie and he can’t come to believe it. “Lying is obvious whether you pay a lot of money or not” Wessam stated. In addition, he thinks that if the statement was changed to be the truth rather than lying, he ensured the statement is correct. Khaled said if he is underpaid he would more likely to believe it because in this may he wouldn’t even doubt that there is a lie.
According to the cognitive dissonance theory, which is the theory that holding inconsistent cognition arouses psychological tension that people become motivated to reduce, the situation here is very related. Therefore, the over paid, he comes mostly to be eliminated be people.


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