Smith -1- A Friend With Multiple Personalities The variance in personalities can be as massive as an ocean or as microscopic as an atom. Most people think of personalities as distinctive. I have found distinctive does not necessarily describe personalities. Renee is a friend of mine who has a very wide variance in personality. Renees personality can change within a matter of minutes. She calls me daily with a seemingly innocent conversation.

The conversation always starts with simple inquires about the general health of family and friends. Suddenly, as if possessed by some demonic force, she will insult other people that we both know. She says things that I personally know to be untrue. When I try to point out what she is doing, she turns her anger toward me. At any point during a telephone conversation, she can exhibit any one of three different personality aspects.

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Each of these personality aspects demonstrates individual distinctions. One person can have multiple personalities. In fact, my friend has three aspects of her personality. The three are the friend forever, the crybaby, and the rattlesnake personalities. The friend forever personality is the one with which I am most familiar.

When she displays this personality, she concerns herself with others, she is willing to help out, and she always has a dry shoulder to loan for crying. Renee so easily fits into this category. Most days, she is a very loving and caring individual. She concerns herself with the welfare of others. While in this personality, Renee goes out of her way to call Smith -2- and inquire about the health of others.

She offers her help in any situation. She may not be physically able to change a flat tire for a person, but she will hold the light so the person can see how to change the tire for themself. Renee always has a dry shoulder on which someone can cry without invitation. She will listen to a friend’s problem for hours without complaint. Renee is the type person who will go to the ends of the Earth for a friend.

However, this is only one of Renees personalities. Unfortunately, she has more than one from which to choose. The crybaby personality is another of my friends multiple personalities. This personality is the one I find most confusing. When Renee is in her crybaby modality, she is unsatisfied and depressed, and she complains about everything. I have never seen my friend satisfied when she was being a crybaby. She can be a fifty percent winner of the lottery, and she obsesses over the fact that she is not the sole winner. Renee is a very depressed person.

She often cries without rationale. When Renee is being a crybaby, she complains about everything in life. Someone can offer her a job making millions of dollars per day, and she will complain about the drive to work. My friend is not always a crybaby. Sometimes she is worse.

The rattlesnake is the least desirable of Renees personalities. She is a real demon with this personality. Renee routinely insults others, acts superior, and starts rumors. Renee insults other people for spite. She makes objectionable remarks about their appearance or disposition. She goes out of her way to tell a complete stranger their clothes dont match.

Renee acts superior towards others. She acts pompous toward a Smith -3- person who has been her friend for years. While in public, she will snob an old friend. Renee starts rumors without remorse. She tells complete lies about other individuals just to see how much trouble she can cause.

She calls the police and tells them someone has stolen her jewelry while the jewelry is still on her person. Each personality has its own distinctions. If Renee has more than one aspect to her personality, is it possible that we all have multiple aspects to our personalities? We should all take the time to think about our actions. Someone just may be watching. The someone who might be watching may be inside of us.


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