Slavery, the Holocaust, and the terrorist attacks

on September 11,2001 are all terrible events in history that never should have happened.

What could make a normal person do such horrible things such as these?
Hate is the answer to the question.

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Beatings, intense labor, and no freedom are the conditions in which
African Americans lived under for hundreds of years. With hate being the
number one reason for these crimes, it is easy to see why this event in
history should never have occurred. Taking a stand, Dr. Martin Luther King
Jr. protested against slavery. Dr. King proclaimed that all men were equal
and, therefore, no man should be treated the way the African Americans were
treated. For the type of prejudices that let to slavery to be eliminated,
the people of this world must learn that every man is equal.

Hitler, the leader of the Holocaust, was filled with the same
prejudices that let to slavery. Though his hate was much stronger towards
the Jews than America’s hate towards the African Americans was, it was
still hate that was behind the killing of thousands of Jews. In order for
the Holocaust not to be repeated, the people of this world are going to
have to learn to get along. People must realize that someone can not be
killed just because he or she is a different race.

Fear, placed in the heart of every American after the attacks of
September the eleventh should have been placed in these hearts. People
should at least not have to worry about someone destroying them. The
terrorists that were behind September the eleventh were filled with hate
towards Americans. This hate is entirely unnecessary. People, Europeans
as well as Americans, must learn to live in harmony.

In the past, history has shown that people can be cruel. Terrorist
attacks, slavery, and the Holocaust are examples of cruelty. Stopping hate
is the only way that these kinds of cruelties will stop. Most all of the
horrific events that occur in history are caused by hate.


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