Sino American Relationship CHINA

The main focus of this paper is to analyze the Sino-American relationship and the factors both past and present that make it a complicated and very important issue, as well as future expectations for the development of continued relations.American contact with China in the past has been less than positive and China is a country that values respect and honesty in its value system. China and the USA do not share the same view of the world. There has been much misunderstanding and even underhanded policy when it came to the USA, especially with the changing of our presidents. Clinton was a strong supporter of having Asia involved in the future of America. He urged that China become a part of the World Trade Organization to make the relationship that of a partnership. He had been quoted as referring to China as a strategic partner while Bush described China as a strategic competitor. (Tyler p1) Imagine the shock of China to be turned from favored friend to possible enemy within the period of less than a year. In my opinion this is a relationship that both sides can mutually benefit from however up until this point it has been clouded by great egos and failed policies. This is an extremely important issue to discuss because China is one of the largest nations in terms of billions of people, as well as an upcoming superpower. In the future China will become stronger in terms of production and business, and the USA would be wise not to cause permanent damage by ignoring treaties and past foreign policy. America must remember they cannot change the rules of the game in the middle of playing! America is a democratic nation that values human rights, and in that platform fights a moral war naturally which would put the USA at odds with China on more than one issue.
My personal expectations for the future of China and Americas diplomatic relationship is that it will continue to deteriorate if the USA does not find a better way to deal with the current problems involving Taiwan. The issue that I am mainly concerned with is the one-China principle which is set to have Taiwan ruled by the Communist party and no longer be a democratic entity and China would have sovereignty over Taiwan. Clinton had long urged that the USA continue to abandon talks with Taiwan and stuck to that policy during much of his term as president, this had been a long standing rule in the USA for more than two decades. However the Bush administration has chosen to recognize Taiwan as a and allow their president Chen Shui-bain to arrive in the USA and meet with Congress. China is now in a very difficult position with such actions taking place, the USA is making them lose face, which according to Chinese culture and social practice is a very severely offensive action, damaging the ego and integrity of China. America is leaving China no choice but to back away from any goodwill that has been generate in the past. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi said on June 4, 2001 that China firmly opposes the United States allowing Taiwan leader to visit the USA. We demand that the U.S. government stop taking advantage of the Taiwan issue to interfere in internal affairs in China Sun said. (Xinhua News p1) The USA is not honoring its promise to not make any form of contracts with Taiwan and has clearly now through Bush offered our help, aligning the US against China. If this is allowed to continue to escalate in the next year it seems that China will have no choice but to offer much adversity to the USA in future dealings and relations. The crash of a USA surveillance plane over the south China sea was yet another blow to the Sino-American relationship. The United States showed proof that the plane was slow moving and could not have caused the accident while Chinas point of view was that the US pilots targeted and deliberately struck out at their fighter jets. One of the fighter jets reportedly bumped the wing of the US plane which them issued a distress call. The Chinese defense stated that the cause of the accident was the violation of flight rules by the US plane. The newspapers in China tell of a cold USA that had little regard for the loss of the life of their pilot and made demands from the beginning rather than being at least a bit apologetic or kind in their first request. Perhaps if Bush were a bit more skilled in Chinese culture he would have made reference to their loss as well as our own and not looked to point blame but to instead discuss how this accident came to pass in private. By immediately pointing the blame to the Chinese pilot and not showing any respect Bush had again caused an issue which made China defensive and put them in a position of saving face. The ambassador from China said that the United States and China have to show respect to each other and let the people of each country decide their course, since the two are very different countries, each having its own history and culture. (Xinhua p1) These are very important words because the USA often ignores the fact that Chinas history and culture shape the country into what its value system is currently and to truly deal with them successfully that must be understood.
Economically China and the USA have a great deal to gain from each other as China has a large labor market, large electronics technology, and the USA market offers great promise for their products as well as China for the US. China is continuing on the road of Communism but with a market economy instead of that modeled after Marxist type economy practices as those of the past. China was a favored nation and in that it has found much economic prosperity, the trade deficit in favor of China has reached a 4.3 billion-dollar mark. The United States is the third biggest trading partner of China and China is the USAs fifth largest trading partner. The good that are sent from China to the USA are at a very competitive price and of high quality which makes them of high demand in the American market. China is looking to develop at a very fast pace and have a project annual growth rate of 8%. New projects are in the works to update many of the roads, telecommunications, gas, oil and seaports. In the nest five years China will need to import about one trillion dollars worth of commodities, advanced technology and equipment. (China embassy) The USA could greatly benefit from being able to supply much of these needed products and to work in conjunction with Chinese companies in partnerships to make the improvements happen.
This entire going on whiles both the Chinese and the US government looks for secret high tech missiles and nuclear secrets from each other. The USA has found Chinese involvement in espionage in top security in Los Alamos, NM center. When the United States bombed the Chinese Embassy by accident it created an even greater rift in the relationship. With China reacting furiously that it was an intentional target and targeting America as evil even in some Chinese papers as a Neo Nazi controlling unit that had to have everything its own way. The boxer rebellion and Maos Cultural Revolution both denounced foreigners with all of the problems that America has been encountering recently it is likely that another great stoning may take place against the USA this time directly. The treatment of Tibet, and Taiwan has led the USA to pull away from political ties with China and even to question their favored status since human rights issues are being ignored and America is firmly against Chinas actions regarding their treatment.This is due to the very different history and culture of each nation that leads each to believe that the other is wrong. China has a history of one ruler and it was very important that he was a strong ruler able of absolute power. This is behind much of the treatment that the USA firmly denounces, along with the added stab of Communist rule, which is the natural rival of our democratic nation. Chinas position in international affairs has for the most part been one of non-interference while the USA is fond of being the worldwide police. China believes that the USA should mind its own business and the USA seeks out its own moral obligation. China is currently eager to join in the WTO and to continue to benefit from outside trade, but it is wise and just in its wariness to open its doors to wide for America or the European nations. China has been careful in its imports, even the television show Xena that is imported has had its characters and story lines changed upon entering China. The main character, a woman does not seek to destroy her foe with hand to hand combat, but to seek a higher moral plain and has taken to throwing fireballs over punching and swinging a club. Perhaps this version of the show should be shipped back to Americans, we could use a little less violence and a return to morals on television. America greatly needs to be able to trade with China and to keep diplomatic relations good, not only for the benefit financially but because a cold war or any war with China could only hurt future generations. It is my hope that there will be a renewed trust and understanding at some juncture where each side seeks to learn and understand the other rather than dominate and can see there is more than just another market that could be opened. In Conclusion China and America have been through many misunderstandings and problems recently which have led to more distrust and a weaker relationship. If Bush continues to force an agreement between Taiwan and China I believe he will be damaging the Sino-American relationship even further than the past mistakes have. The future for both countries lies in their ability to understand and get along with each other, it will be a very slow road. We should expect that two large nations with so much to learn from one another and gain economically would see the mutual benefit and strive to preserve a working relationship. Perhaps it is possible as our former president Clinton believed, that China could become a friend and partner, so may another new president in the future restore a trust that has been tarnished by the past.

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