Single Sex Schools

Single Sex Schools 09-16-92 In our world today there are many schools with a student body consisting of both sexes, nevertheless there are a significant num ber of schools carrying on the tradition of a single sex system. The fact that there are an undeniable number of single sex schools, is prof ound proof that the advantages of the single sex system overweigh the disadvantages. People said that friendship starting from childhood is more s table and valuable than friendship starting when working in the society. During leisure time boys will naturally gather together and talk a bout topics of interest to them. Some topics of conversation is probab ly not suitable in the presence of girls. The same happens to girls in s ingle sex schools. In a school of single sex, the students will feel mor e comfortable and relaxed in this way.

The students in grade 8 would probably start to enter into their teen-age years. These teenagers because of curiosity, would have interest in trying to understand the difference between the two se xes, such as life style, interest, etc. Being in the same classroom ev ery day this might not be able to let them concentrate well enough on their studies. Besides the above advantages, studying in a single sex school would also keep attendance problems to a minimum. Boys and girls, being in the same classroom every day would naturally talk about activities aft er school such as going for movies, having a drink in the evening.

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In a sch ool of single sex, the students will not be given any extra temptations t o skip or be late because of their social life. Opinions from the public seem to indicate that schools of sin gle sex are more popular than co-ed schools . If this system was not beneficial then all the schools such as Brebuef that has adopted t his system would have eliminated it. Therefore the advantages must de finitely overshadow the disadvantages.


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