Short story

After one long night on the ship they finally reached their destination. Mary and Joe woke up very early and went to eat breakfast before they got off the ship to go to the island where they were ported. Mary and Joe are both bilingual so they could communicate with the people in Jamaica better than most of the other people on this ship.

They picked up a brochure to see what was all to do in Jamaica. They found Jamaica to be a very bizarre. In the brochure were many of different things to do they chose to go on a walk through the jungle. They went to the place where you set up times to go on journeys. Noon was the first on available so they chose that one.

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As they started to walk through the jungle they notice that there was many amazing things. One was a monkey Mary thought it was very cute. She wanted to take it home she fell in love with it but Jim didn’t like animals. She was very affected by this. He knew she would get really attached to the monkey. They monkey stayed with Mary while they were on the long interesting walk.
Joe and Mary were very happy that they picked the journey to the jungle. Joe saw this beautiful bird. He knew Mary would said I don’t like birds and since you said I cant have this monkey then its not fair for you to get what you want and not me. Mary said “anyway that bird looks animated” Joe was very offended by it.
On the way back they both had to leave something they both like and wished they could have taken home. Joe said “maybe picking this tour wasn’t the greatest idea”. Mary agreed. As they walked past this ship they said they will never forget the monkey and the bird.


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