Hi, I am one of the sheep’s in Manor or Animal Farm. I am just a sheep that
memorizes everything Comandre Napoleon tells me to memorize like 7
commandments and other things, but I really don’t understand what it means. I
really wouldn’t want to say this in front of Comandre Napoleon but I think
that the rebellion wasn’t a success.

Here in the farm we used to get more food in winter and warmer in winter to.

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Actually know me and my fellow animals get more little food then what we
used to get especially after our Rebellion. The pigs and the dogs got more
food then us. They sleep in bedrooms and we stay in the barn and sleep
there, but I really don’t know why. I used to work less then how long I work
now. Even after Boxers death we worked more harder then usual. The
and dogs stay in the house while we go and start work the whole day. We (the
animals) get are food reduced but the pigs and dogs don’t get their food
reduced. That is the living conditions for our farm.

The leadership in the animal farm is good even though no one can say
anything about it. Napoleon thinks about him self and his friends the dogs and
pig and doesn’t care anything about us. Napoleon drinks alcohol and sleeps in
beds and thinks that animals are not equal and he let me memorize the 7
commandments and he doesn’t obey any of them. We work harder and get
less. Napoleon and his friends stay have fun while the others work hard and
the pigs and dogs still get more then them in everything. Napoleon always
sleeps with to dogs guarding him while all the others sleep in the barn.

Napoleon made a knew slogan for us to memorize it was 4 legs good and 2
legs better and the same day all the pigs were walking on 2 legs on there hind,
but I didn’t really understand why.

What’s really happening in the farm is bad but I can’t say anything about it
because I’m just a regular sheep just like the others. I just memorize what
Comandre Napoleon tells me to do. That’s my point of view.



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