Shakespear That even our loves should with our fortune change; for tis a question left us yet to prove, whether love lead fortune or else fortune love. – Player king, act 3 scene 2 This excerpt from Shakespeare’s Hamlet speaks a lot of truth. When I first attempted to interpret this quote i thought this was about how people treated you differently because of your finacial status. The more times I read it to myself, the words changed causing me endless confusion. Fortune is a word that has several meanings to me. The first being wealth, in this case would make sense.

The more money you have the more people are willing to love you, but only true love comes when your love is the only thing you have to share. Maybe fortune means your future. It is possible to change your future just by doing one little thing differently. Just by taking the bus instead of driving gives you the chance to meet someone you would have never seen otherwise. Love at first sight does exist, and of course you hadn’t planned on this sharing your life with this person; however, you would now do anything to keep them in your life. I often wonder if my life is planned out already, if every thought i have or move i make is layed out infront of me.

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In my case neither of these thoughts are relavent to my life, yet. I am going to be an actress, so if it’s wealth Shakespeare wrote about then this will reflect my life. Some actresses like myself make it and some don’t. The ones who didn’t are still waitressing hoping that they will someday get their big break. Does this mean that the famous actress will have a more fulfilling life? Perhaps, but i question the the amount of true love they actually have in their life.

People love money, it attracts them in a way that nothing else does. I hope that someone falls so deeply in love with me that it doesn’t matter if i am wearing a Versace gown or an Arby’s uniform. The odds of me obtaining my goal are rediculous, but it doesn’t intimidate me. I realize how people are going to treat me just because i have money. The only thing i worry about is being used.

I know i will always be friends with the friends i have now, they mean everything to me. They are all the most intellegent people i know with high goals. I should have had one of them write this essay considering i am struggling. My point is that if your life changes unexpectedly leading you to love, or the love you have already changes your future, it’s all good because i believe things happen for a reason you just have to deal with what’s thrown at you. English Essays.


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