The term death is often used lightly. It is frequently used in jokes and idle threats, and
rarely taken seriously. Few individuals really grasp the concept of death and how it can
distort the lives of the people it comes in contact with. I was among the clueless until I
was ten years old. I was running home from soccer practice, speeding towards the cursed
intersection, not but a quartermile from my house when it happened. Luckily I am here
today to reflect on that moment.My near death experience has tremendously changed
the way I live and perceive life, thus defining who I am.

It was a brisk fall evening, the orange sun was just setting when I foolishly
misjudged how fast a car was moving. It seemed as if I had enough time to run across the
street before the car passed, but apparently I was wrong. The car came screeching to a
halt as the driver slammed on his brakes. The car struck my torso and threw me onto the
damp grass, away from oncoming traffic. I apparently was briefly knocked
unconciousious, and distinctly remember the foul smell of rubber burning as I opened my
eyes to see the frantic worried look on the drivers face. At the time it seemed as if he was
more relieved than I was that I was able to walk away from the scene with just a pounding
headache and a few scratches. It seems as though the timely accident replays daily in my
head as I make everyday decisions about life
Most people say that what happened to me was not exactly a brush with death, but
rather a tickle. It was not so much the actual event that has changed me. It was the ifs
that arose as I reflected on the event. The idea of leaving this world scared me into
reform. I realized that I had been drifting through life ignorant of everything around me;
some changes were in order. The things that had not been important to me before,
became important. Ideas that I had laughed at, I took into consideration. My entire view
on life came crashing down and in its midst came a revelation. Life is a game of Russian
roulette, and everyday the trigger is pulled. One must consider every action because that
action could be the final action.

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Formulating this idea was easy, but actually applying it was harder than I had
anticipated. The reformation process began with my family. Instead of questioning all
aspects of their authority, I started to listen to what they had to say. Likewise, rather than
procrastinating with my chores, I acomplished them by their deadline. As time went by, I
slowly morphed from the young bratty kid of old, to a responsible young woman. Gaining
my parents trust proved to be to my advantage. Certain rewards were given to me, which
I did not deserve before. My allowance increased, my curfew became more lenient and I
was badgered less often. By going forth and actively pursuing the reformation process I
slowly began to turn into the person I am today.

The world of academics was the next aspect of my life to reform on my agenda.
Before my revelation I had barely passed through school. I never gave school much
thought, and never considered how I could benefit from it. My parents had a huge role in
motivating me to change my unscholarly ways. They preached that when I am older I will
regret not doing well in school. This didnt hit home until after the accident. Because of
the proud acheivements I had acheived at home, I taught myself how to excell in all areas
of my life. I quickly realized my academic performance could be improved with a little
hard work. I also knew then that my new high expectations for goals of the future could
not be acheived without a proper education. All of the skills I had obtained from the
accident are allowing me to fulfill my academic goals, making both myself and my parents

Every aspect of who I am leads back to that fateful day when I was struck by the
car in the cursed intersection. Even though that should have been a day to forget, I am
thankful for my stupidity. The revelation that occured post accident changed my life, both
academically and with my family. Who knows what path I would have taken if I had


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