Sean Horvath

Dr. Rex
Adulthood Roles and Responsibilities
The Transition from childhood to adulthood is the most confusing
a child could experience. It is especially confusing when children are not
sure what it means to be an adult. It is not clear in determining when a
actually becomes an adult. There are many different theories and opinions
what it means to be an adult and what one must accomplish in order to reach
their point of maturity. Some say adulthood is reached at age eight-teen,
say when you receive your driver’s license. One thing is for sure, to
become an
adult you must be mature and ready to take on the real world.

As a child, life was all about fun and games. Children for the most
part do
anything they wished. They could go outside and play, hang out with
friends, and
play sports all day long. Being a child has many positive sides. Why are
In a rush to become an adult? Is it because they are not sure what
really is? Children do not have to worry about getting a job and making

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Children do not have to worry about raising a family and making sure
everyone is
clothed and fed. As a child life is stress free. Their worries and
are very limited. What time their favorite cartoon comes on and where their
friends are is for the most part their only worry. Children often look
forward to
being an adult, but are almost clueless what an adult really is.

There are certain things children must understand before adulthood is
reached. This understanding is what actually brings a child into adulthood,
age or size. Many people combine adulthood and maturity with age or size.

However that is incorrect. Age only matters to a point. Once a child is out
of their
age of innocence, and knows the difference between right and wrong, then
are ready to become an adult. When you become an adult you actually achieve
separate identity, being able to support yourself and family with a place
to call
home, food to eat, and clothes to wear. Adulthood consists of many
aspects, and is not an easy part of life. Adulthood is the most effecting
stage of
ones life. This is the stage when an individual has reached the highest
level of
maturity and become a fully-grown independent individual.

Along with adulthood comes more responsibilities. As an adult, there
more to life then just fun and games. Adults should have a steady job to
financially support themselves and possibly wife and children. Getting the
job is
one thing, but keeping the job is what is most important. Mom and Dad are
there anymore to make sure everything is going alright. It is an adults
responsibility to wake up and be on time for work. Another responsibility
an adult
has is making sure all the bills are paid such as: mortgage, water,
electric, heat,
car, and phone. There is none to turn to and ask for money anymore the only
person to turn to is yourself.

Adults have another role in society, raise their children. It Is an
adult’s job
to make sure their child has clothes to wear, food to eat, and somewhere to
sleep. Adults also serve as remodels to their children. A childhood role
model is
anyone who could provide nourishment and encouragement. Adults must provide
a safe and clean environment for a child. Adults must also set good
examples for
children by showing them the difference between right and wrong and guiding
them in the right path. It is the adult’s job to make sure their children
grow up to
be good adults just as they did. The last thing a parent wants to see is
children growing up to be a failure to society. A child’s life is shaped by
parent. Whatever the parent does the child wants to do and wherever the
goes the child want to go. This is why it is so important that the parent
serves as
the best role model to their children.

Keep in mind parents are not always adults. There are many cases
where kids have kids. In this case the “parent” is usually very young in
age and
cannot support themselves let alone their children. This is a perfect
example of
someone irresponsible. A true adult would made sure he or she is
suitable to have a child then they would go on and make the decision to
plan the
pregnancy. Can a person be considered an adult if they cannot take on their
own responsibilities? A person is considered a adult when they become
independent, mature, and responsible. Until then a individual is clearly
as a child.

Adulthood is not just a stage in ones life, it is an accomplishment.

do not just receive the title “Adult” they have to earn it. Like I
mentioned before, in
order to be an adult there are many responsibilities and sacrifices. When a
individual reached adulthood there life is immediately effected. Adults are
restricted as to what they could do and what they cannot do. This is a time
in life
when everything starts to settle down. Life is centered around family and

An average day consists of waking up, going to work, coming home, possibly
cooking, and then going to bed. Everyday seems to repeat itself and days go
much faster. Does childhood seem so bad after all?
When I was a young child I had so much fun but still could not wait
till I
was an adult. I was always fascinated by all the great interesting things
adults were able to do. Every year that passed I grew more excited because
was getting closer to being an adult. Now that I am a young adult I could
wish to be a kid again. It is quit amazing how your opinion can change. All
activities that I do now do not compare to even one day as being a child.

On the
other hand I still enjoy being a young adult and still have a lot to


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