Life is like a balloon, floating up in the air, flying, flying, flying, going, going, everywhere, flying all around, seeing different things, soon the balloon will pop, and down will go everything, down, down, down, falling to the ground, but do not think that it will be the end, for another ballon will rise and the adventure will,start again.

I seek the unseekable I feel the unfeelable I fight the unfightable And I achieve happiness
You may find me watching you, underneath a black hoody, pulled over rows of braided hairs, I love like quite storms, although my clothes may brief appearences ,the people that come to love me, keep their secrets tucked deeply behind whispers, pulled over shallowed kisses
Shoot for your Dreams A young boy stands alone, on a deserted playground. With a ball in his hand, and hopes in his heart, He focuses, rises up and shoots. His life-long dream rides upon this shot. As he releases, he watches the flight of the ball, As it clangs off the rusted rim, and falls through the chain net, He is one step closer to his dream.

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Requires the openness of minds thinking.



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