Scarlet Letter Evaluation

Scarlet Letter Evaluation From unwed motherhood to sex and adultery, many of the moral issues and stigmas of Puritan society are still being dealt with today. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne is forced to wear a large, red “A” on her chest when she is found guilty of adultery and refuses to name the father of her illegitimate child. This book explores the conflicts between private truth and public appearances, and the choice between sin and salvation. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is as pertinent today as it was in the nineteenth century. Hawthorne shows us a person who is ostracized by her community, and yet still able to contribute to it.

Hester Prynne is a remarkable person who can overcome any obstacle in her path, including the fact that she committed a horrendous iniquity against her tightly knit village. Hester is symbol of hope and determination that should be looked upon as a role model in todays modern society. The fact that Hester can triumph over her discriminating society shows the reader that in even the most tragic situation determination will prevail. This classic should be read by anyone studying American literature or those who simply wish to catch a glimpse of our countrys past. The complexity of this book will challenge even the most advanced readers, and leave those who can actually understand Hawthornes elaborate style of writing with a feeling as if they had just traveled back in time.

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