Samsung Samsung Quick Background – 1938 founded as a trading company – in the 50s-60s went into anything imaginable – like insurance- paper- aerospace- property- retailing – used this base to lay themselves out for the semiconductor field Lets Break Down how they did it 1) Entry into semiconductors- 75-83 – bought a smaller semiconductor company in S.K. – wanted to expand out of low end goods – worked with Micron Tech. and other US firms – had American engineers at plants helping them 2) Catching the field – producing goods but wanted to be at the same level – to do this put lots of $ into the department – trial and error learning – accumulated debt- but looked toward the future – by late 80s started seeing sales boom 3) Becoming a Leader – started to overtake the U.S. and Japan firms it learned from in some categories – U.S. and Japan instead of helping out simply bought in huge quantities – first company with 64 bit DRAM technology – continued investment – forged equal partnerships to remain at the front of technology So What are We Supposed to get out of this? – these firms show typical strategies of late- comer firms – to do this they had a assembly learning period, then process development, and began to innovate – they utilized foreign know how – balanced perfectly the rate of growth – organizational innovation – because their learning achievements are cumulative and built upon solid foundations, South Korean firms are well positioned to create new market opportunities and to respond to the fast-changing pace of electronics technology Pats Tid Bits – Hyundai 19 percent sales- Samsung 13 – Brad has a Samsung microwave- 1/5 of US microwaves 92 – Chaebol- the big business groupings – its hard for Korea to be flexible given its culture – my interviews Bibliography Samsung.


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