Same Sex Stuff

Heeey dudes. What is going on man?! You know, I was thinking about all this same sex homo lesbo stuff going on, and I mean, Im like all for it. I mean, if it feels right than you should just go and do it. If that means being gay and having little young ones running around or just taking some mind expanding drugs, than why not just go for it. If a dude wants to get with this other dude, and then they want to raise a little dude of their own Wait, what was I talking about again? Im not the only person thats cool with that kinda stuff. The other day I was just chilling, listening to some Pink Floyd and playing hackisack with these pink elephants, and we coincidentally were talking about same sex adoptions too and they told me to just gay and merry myself. Mannn, that is some funny stuff cause I think I just lied to you. Elephants arent persons. Whats going on here?
But some persons arent that cool with it. Its probably most likely those little flying monkeys. Man, they freak me out! Those hobgoblins on wings trying to take Toto. They got ideas in their heads that two dudes or dudettes wouldnt provide a good home. That gay parents will make for gay children. That theyll be more likely to molest their kids cause theyre gay. Man, that is so not cool you know. Just not cool. Im going to have to regulate on them. I dont know, maybe not regulate but more like inform. Yeah, thats whatll happen. The might somewhat have a point on a few things, but still. We all know little kids can be cruel to each other. Having two daddies can be something to get picked on at the playground. And kids already have a lot on their heads nowadays.

I dont know what theyve been smoking, but for the most part those little monkeys are just wrong and simply misinformed. There arent too many negative aspects of having this whole same sex adoption. Plus this is the good ole U S of A, land of the freee and home of the braaaave. Whoa, sorry, okay, anyways. People here have got the choice to live as they please. Our country was built on principles like these. I mean, look at me here, just straight chillin. But hey man, dont take my word. Go read this little thing called the CONSTITUTION!
Lots of the stuff a circulating around about gays adopting are myths. You cant base and argument and stand against something you dont even understand. Kids with straight parents have just the same chance of being gay as kids with gay parents. So that just goes to show that sexual orientation doesnt matter on your parents sexual orientation. Wow, that was a big word there. If anything its better for kids with gay parents because theyre more understanding. People also think sometimes that gay or lesbian parents are more likely to molest their children but its actually quite the opposite. I betcha didnt know that eh?! And all this stuff about the probability of kids turning out gay or being molested cause of their gay parents has been researched by tons of smart people at the American Psychological Association. And about the little kids picking on each other, life isnt always perfect man. Kids are going to pick on each other no matter what; depending on how short or tall, fat or skinny, where their from, what race, and the list goes on and on. But with the love and support of their parents, either biological or adopted, kids always seem to get through it and sometimes even come out stronger in the end. Occasionally they crack and go just plain crazy though, but thats always bound to happen.

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So you see now. You just had to get informed. Now decide whose side youre on. Its either those cool pink elephants or the evil flying monkeys. I mean, whatever man. But to me its just sooooo clear now, I see it all. Dude, this is some good stuff. Hey, the bed is a calling me man. Tomorrow well solve the world hunger problem. Peace out brothers and sisters, straight and not so straight.



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