Same-Sex Marriages: Illegal upon opinion?

Something to Think About
Final Draft
Imagine in a world where the most successful business man was gay. Imagine a world in which the leading popular music artists sexual preference was homosexual. Imagine a world where a male president of the United States was married to a man. Imagine a world where same-sex marriages were a common and widely accepted practice. Not a dominant choice, but at a close enough amount to the traditional type of marriage. Imagine that you live in that world.Now tell me that same-sex marriages arent right. Same-sex marriages should be legal, because they are just another form of living which traditional methods did not teach, thus it is not as widely accepted; also same-sex marriages provides no harm to the society and only promotes diversity through adversity, causing the human race to be stronger.

Gay marriages are frowned upon in society, and even outlawed in the US, because of its state of unnaturality; which in actuality is not accepted because it hasnt been a traditional or conventional type of marriage. Such discrimination should not take place in the land of the free. If history was altered and we grew up thinking that same-sex affection was normal and heterosexual attraction was wrong, then a whole new story would be presented. What is right and wrong in this world is all based upon what we grow up with is how we perceive things as right and wrong. For example, the Dayaks of Borneo pierce their ears and elongate them by placing weights on them. This causes their ears to sag down to their shoulders and they consider all this to be beautiful and attractive. Another example is the Padaung of Burma. This tribe likes to elongate their neck up to 3 times longer then a normal human because it was originally considered a form art and beauty. Yes, it is shown among animals and how males and females were made that, indeed, nature did not engineer same-sex affection to work. But, then do the elongated ears, elongated neck, or headhunting seem like something nature has engineered humans to do either? Thus, same-sex marriages should be looked upon just like anything else, because what weve made of this world defines what we believe is right and wrong, and same-sex marriages shouldnt be any exception.

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A same-sex marriage has a miniscule threat to society, and thus why it should be legal, as opposed to alcohol, cigarettes, and other more harmful substances. Alcohols short term effects include stomach instability and STD transmission due to loss of inhibitions. Long term effects of alcohol are liver damage and failure. Cigarettes, after constant use, which most often happens due to its addictive nature, will cause the user to have various different kinds of cancer, most commonly lung cancer. Having a same-sex relationship or marriage provides none of these complications if both mates care about each other. Additionally, the risks of transmitting STDs are just the same, if not more, with a heterosexual relationship. Alcohol and cigarettes are legal due to the fact that the adult users understand the risk. If this is so, then what is wrong with making the same decision about same-sex marriages? Evidently, same-sex marriages pose less threat to the individual and society; yet they are illegal still, even though it is a decision just like drinking or smoking.

In conclusion, same-sex marriage should be legalized. Same-sex marriages should be treated just like anything else; it is just different because it comes from another perspective and a liberal topic.Same-sex marriage should be legal if alcohol and cigarettes are, because it is also an adult decision but doesnt harm the individual or society. Even though nature never had it planned, mankind can make anything happen. That is how we perfect ourselves: diversity through adversity.


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