Russian Mafia

One of the most famous types of organized crime in the past and present is the “Russian Mafia”. This article entails the rational choice theory model with how it justifies being able to join the Russian Mafia and the business that they conduct. A rational theorist would argue that we as people are rational human beings who carefully calculated the consequences of our behaviour. We make choices based on the cost benefit analysis. The concept of the cost benefit analysis is that when we have to make a choice, that choice is weighted between the cost and benefit of the decision that is made. In dealing with the Russian Mafia, making the decision of being involved in a criminal activity would pivot if the benefit of the crime was greater than the cost of the crime. People, who are in the Russian Mafia or want to join the Russian Mafia, feel that the benefits are greater than the costs involved. Rational choice theorists deem that in order for us to commit a crime, in this case, this would apply to whether members of the Russian Mafia are egocentric and advancing their own personal gains and interests in practicing the activities they do. Rational theorists say that it’s in our human behavior and nature to self-advance our own interests and causes. According to the rational choice theory, we could make the argument that members of the Russian Mafia are people, who are freethinking, independent rational decision-makers. If we trace back to the beginning and inception of the Russian Mafia, during the period of penile colonies, the people started losing faith and trust in the state because they believed that the social system did not provide solutions to a major problem in destitution. Even when we look at the modern day of Russia during and after the Gorbachev era, their behaviour is almost identical than in the early years. Most of the population began losing faith and belief in the out-dated power of the state in providing protection and security. People began to realize that they just had to stick with how things were or they had to change the situation themselves. This demonstrates the fact that the people’s nature in turning to the Russian Mafia would provide them with the opportunity to maximize their benefits and their costs would decrease. In due course, they were selfish in the sagacity that what was done was to better their personal and business interests. The reason why the Russian Mafia has such violent behaviour is due to the fact of showing the people that they provide maximum protection. The societal period during the infancy of organized crime left a resonant and rippling impact that would be felt many years down the road. Rational theorists argue that society is a highly stratified hierarchy where in society; people are divided with wealth, power and status. There is also the idea and notion of a social contract, which can be viewed as a new way of looking at the relationship between people and the state. The term social contract coined by Hobbe’s believes that people would voluntarily enter into a social contract with the state. The way social contract works is that citizens of a state would have to compromise their liberty and freedom in exchange for protection and security for the citizens. The Russian Mafia performs a function and role in society. Present day Russia is an environment, which leaves owners no choice, but to resort to private protection because they have fears over fraud and losing their property. They would develop in societies without effective public order, or in societies in which citizens regard the authorities as hostile. Essentially, at its core, they would function as a parallel machine of law and organized power in societies in which the official government is not effective. During the period in which capitalism started to take place, middle class business owners turned to the Russian Mafia for private protection. Making a connection between the citizens of Russia and the Russian Mafia is difficult. We must make a connection between the social contract of the people of Russia and the Russian Mafia. We must also figure out why the


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