Ronald Mcnair

Ronald McNair Ronald Erwin McNair was born on October 21, 1950 in Lake City South Carolina. Ronald had two brothers, Eric and Carl Jr. He had a mother and a father also. His mothers name was Pearl and his fathers name Carol Sr. His mother was a well-educated teacher and his father was automobile mechanic. Ronalds mother and father were both determined to see their children succeed in life and get a good education.

By the age of 3 Ronald was already able to read. A year later Ronalds father Carl Sr. decided to sent Ronald to school a year earlier because he was so intelligent. Ronalds parents always brought home books for Ronald to read them. Most of Ronalds childhood was spent on reading and studying. Ronald loved to read.

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Ronald was born during the time of segregation so that made it very hard for Ronald to grow up as a normal child that would have lived in peace. Where Ronald lived was mostly an African American neighborhood. At the age of 9 Ronald had already began to change society. One day Ronald had decided to go to the library which was a “whites only institution” where African Americans were not allowd but Ronald decided to go anyway because he wanted to learn more. When Ronald was cought he refused to leave the building.


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