Robinhood Critiquing the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves by Kevin Reynolds, was filmed in two locations: Los Angeles, California and Yorkshire, England. The film location was accurate for the movie. It was shot mostly in England in Sherwood Forest, to give a more authentic effect. The costume designs were accurate, with today technology and designers anything is possible. The make-up was great, making them look just like peasants.

The props were just like the ones use during that time period. The facts seem correct with Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor. And it was dated around the right time in the 14th century. I had learned a lot from this Robin Hood, because I always thought it was just a movie thought of like Peter Pan. I did not know it dated back to the 20th century and is considered a ballad.

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I have seen so many different Robin Hoods and this one seem to make more sense. It gives you the whole picture of how Robin Hood became. They also talked about the different religions and how one country thought everybody should follow their religion, whether you wanted to or not. The purpose of the third crusade was to enforce their beliefs. The movie was entertaining. The actors and actress gave a very good performance. The film appeared to be very realistic.

The movie moved along very smooth without any mistakes. I know there were probably a million retakes but with today technology the film was edited properly. The special effects were excellent. The film did appear to be dated for the correct time period it represented. Films and Cinema.


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