Robin Hood, by Paul Creswick, is a story of great

triumph. Many people know the myth of Robin Hood, but they do not know the life of Robin Hood. It is a
good novel to read if the reader likes stories of a true legend. Also, it is a novel that
deals with friendship, motivation, action, bravery, and love.

The novel is primarily based on friendship. The friends that Robin makes
and the camaraderie they share makes this a terrific book. Living in the forest,
from the law, they are all outlaws and they are all there for each other when trouble
presents its self. One example is when one of the outlaws, Little John,is about to be
hung, the rest of the crew risked life and limb to save his life. A few of the
members even died trying to help Little John escape, but they all knew that was the
meaning of friendship. When one of the outlaws was sick or wounded, someone
always stayed with them and made sure he got better. With their friendship came
trust. All of the outlaws knew that they could trust each other, no matter what the
situation presented. If one of the outlaws went into the city to buy goods, the others
knew that he would not run off with the money or tell the Sheriff where they were
hiding. A good example of that is when Will Stutely had a falling out with the
gang. He went and worked in the sheriffs kitchen as a cook, and even though he
had left the gang and was employed by the law, he still kept the hiding place secret
and told noone the where abouts of Robin Hood.

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Another reason the novel is good to read is the motivation the gang has.
Their primary motivator is freedom. Everything they do is to try to gain freedom
from the crooked king. They live in caves throughout the woods and sleep on the
hard ground because they are just glad to be free there. In the forest, they make
their own laws and obide by them strictly. If someone does not obey the laws set by
the gang, then they are kicked out of the forest and must live in the non-democratic
city and give up their freedom. Once the gang leaves the forest though, they have
no respect for any laws but their own. Their secondary motivator is money. They
do not obtain money honestly. They rob the rich people that travel through the
forest and give it to the people that are traveling through the forest that need it, as
long as they promise to pay it back. An example from the book is where a Knight
that owes a rich Bishop two hundred dollars is traveling through and meets Robin
and the gang. After Robin tried to rob the Knight, the Knight tells him that he is
poor and owes the Bishop money he had borrowed to feed his family. Robin gave
the Knight the two hundred dollars that Robin had stole from the Bishop in the first
place. The Knight took the money, but had to promise to pay it back in one year.
So unlike the myth, Robin Hood did not give the poor people money, he loaned
money. And if the person couldnt pay it back, they couldnt borrow it. But, that is
how many of the people joined Robins gang. They wanted to be free of debt and
obtain freedom, so they took the oath of friendship and were in the gang.

If an action/adventure book is what a reader is looking for, I would have to
say that few books compare with Robin Hood. From the opening page until the
end, there is always something going on. On every walk Robin takes, he gets into a
fight with somebody. A few words of disrespect towards Robin are spoken, and the
sword is out. Usually, after the fight, Robin and his opponent become friends, and
a new member of the gang is found. That is how Robin met Little John, and a few
other members of the gang. All of the battles are narrated so perfectly, that the
reader can visualize every blow. The author also does a good job of making the
fighting scenes seem real by letting Robin lose a couple fights. There is also allot of
action when Robin enters an archery contest. Every time he enters a contest, he
has to wear a disguise so noone will recognize him, since he is an outlaw and the
sheriffs worst enemy. After winning the first archery contest he entered he gave
the prize, a golden arrow, to a pretty girl named Marion who Robin fell in love with
instead of the Sheriffs daughter whom the prize usually went to. That incident
started the feud between the Sheriff and Robin Hood. When Robins gang and the
Sheriffs men fought there was allot of action, too. Swords were flailing, sticks
were swinging, arrows were flying and men were dropping. The war would usually
start with one or two of Robins men getting attacked by the Sheriffs men, then
with a blow of the signal horn, all of the outlaws were at their friends side fighting
for their freedom.
Another important element to the novel is bravery. Ever since the first time
he defied the Sheriff by giving Marian the golden arrow, Robin displayed his
bravery. When the gang named him as the leader Robin had to be brave and take
the fate of the group of outlaws into his own hands. When there was a particularly
dangerous mission, Robin volunteered himself to carry it out. Even in times when
he was surrounded by enemies, he found it in himself to rise above the occasion and
prevail. The whole gang was brave for knowing that their life was at stake for
living in the forest and defying the Sheriffs law, but their freedom was worth more
than that. After Robins father had died he had to support his mother, and even as
a boy Robin showed manlike courage and took over his fathers job as a forest
ranger. But after the Sheriff found out that his new ranger is the same person that
offended his daughter by not giving her the golden arrow, the Sheriff gave someone
else the job, and Robin was forced into the life as an outlaw.
Above all, Robin Hood is a Love story. He had love not just for his fair maid
Marian, but he also had love for his family, friends, and country. His love for
Marian probably showed the most. Even though she lived in the city where Robin
was wanted dead, he still ventured in to see his love. Eventually, when the sheriff
found out that Marian was seeing Robin Hood, he tried to make Marian his
daughters maid, so Marian fled. Robin took her in and found her a place to stay
with his rich uncle Montfichet. He showed love for his family by supporting his
mother after his fathers death. He also showed love for his family by helping his
cousin Geoffrey of Montfichet who was banned from the country, regain his
citizenship. Robin showed love for his friends by always being there for them
when they needed him. No matter what, Robin helped his friends when they were
in need, even though a great deal of danger was usually involved. He proved that
he loved his country by not leaving and fighting for what he believed. It would
have been much easier for Robin to just leave the country and live somewhere else,
but he wanted to live in the country where he was born and raised and where his
father had died.

Robin Hood is more than a good book, it is a legend. People all over the
world know about the keen archery eye of Robin Hood. In the novel, Robin Hood
is not glamorized by the taking from the rich and giving to the poor. He is
considered an outlaw, by the law and the townsfolk alike. The author, Paul
Creswick does not try to make Robin a hero, but tries to present Robin as a leader
of an organization that wants freedom, a concept that is taken for granted all too
often today.


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