Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874. He was bo

rn in San Francisco,California. While living in California Frost paid little attention to
school work. Still he was a proud Californian. This all changed when
Frost and his family moved to New England. He changed his attitude toward
school 180 degrees. He enrolled seriously in Lawrence High School, here he
graduated valedictorian and was class poet. Frost then went to Dartmouth
College. He never graduated. He then became engaged to Elinor White, a
friend from high school. Frost worked in mills, as a newspaper reporter,
and as a teacher. While he was jumping from job to job, he was still
pursuing poetry. In 1894, Frost’s first poem sold was pursuing poetry. It
was titled, My Butterfly. He was so thrilled that he had two private
copies printed, one for him, and one for White. White did not respond the
way that Frost had expected and he thought that he had lost her. He almost
committed suicide after this but did not. Frost tried many more endeavors
before deciding to move to England where he could concentrate more on his
poetry. He spent a few years there and had some poems published. When he
returned to America, he was met with praise that he was unaccustomed. His
eyes were very captivating to everyone and they helped him in his seminars.

All of this was good until his family died. His son and daughter died a
few years apart while they were living on a farm and then his son committed
suicide in the later years when he was at Harvard. His wife died shortly
after this. Frost completed the circle on January 29, 1963.

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This poem can have different meanings depending on the way you chose
to look at it. If you look at in a literal sense it is a very simple poem.

There is a Y in a path in the forest. He cannot travel both and therefore
he must choose one. He chooses the one that has less wear because he feels
that it will have more to offer. He never looked back and never regretted
it. If you look at a broader meaning it can relate to decisions you have
to make inlife. There will always be choice like this and you must make
the decision and never look back.

Frost uses few devices to convey meaning except for the standards and
he uses extreme simplicity. Frost puts into the mind many images. All of
them help to calm the mind. He also keeps most lines short and simple.

Another rhetorical device in my opinion is the way he uses soft words. He
never says harsh things that put bad images into your mind.

I chose this poem because I like the beautiful simplicity of it. I
also like how Frost describes such a simple task as choosing a path in the
woods. Also Frost is very eloquent with the words he uses. This all
equals a poem that I enjoy reading repeatedly.

Dan Skorski
Mrs. Goldman
Honors English 4
Period 1


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