Retired Volunteers

HS 836
Unit 7 Discussion 2
February 27, 2002
Seniors, more than any other age group, scrutinize social problems and service delivery systems, partially because they have available time and partially because they are the recipients. Failure to request their input in social service planning is a critical error. Discuss your mechanisms for soliciting their input.
Soliciting the input of seniors can be accomplished by the news media, local church groups, colleges, human services organizations, hospitals, community awareness forums and seminars and by simply asking the retired persons in your area for their input. Senior retired persons have the desire to help in the community and the desire to feel needed and useful. This is a situation where in many cases all you need to do is ask for their assistance. Communities that open the door to retired senior volunteers are indeed more successful, provide better services and in general treat retired persons with respect and dignity. The news media can be used as a means of communicating the needs to be filled by retired persons. Church groups can hold public information seminars and form retired coalitions. College students can communicate and talk with senior retired persons and provide direction and information to them. The AARP in Billings does a great job of informing, organizing and utilizing the services, knowledge and wisdom of retired senior volunteers. Human services organizations can recommend and suggest retired persons that can assist others with their knowledge, wisdom and life experiences. Retired volunteers can be used by each and every organization in a community, business, human services, hospital service assistance, church assistance, advice to those suffering from social, financial or marital problems. Communities that use the services of retired people will assist the retired people by allowing them to feel needed, wanted and useful and will in every way provide improved and diverse services to those in need.

Thank you,
Edwin A. Taylor
Billings, MT

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