Reaction Paper

Reaction Paper
On November 5th in Sloan Hall, Daniel Burns showed off his work and talents! Many of Burns works are filled with energy and expression. The energy of the paintings can be easily seen by the way Burn’s uses warm and cold colors. Expressionism, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to figure out with in each painting.

Burns makes many different expressions with in his paintings! For some reason it was hard for me to get a clear expression on what exactly Burns was trying to express within his paintings. Maybe it was the way he used his colors or how he put different objects such as birdhouses, birds, or bowls in his paintings! For Example, in Those Left Behind I would have never got Burns expression if my class did not discussed this piece. We also thought maybe that Burns is trying to get us to make our own expression of his works. Burn’s uses different lines to help us try to come up with these different expressions and emotions.
Burn’s uses a lot of Analytical lines and Expressive lines in his work. Expressive lines are lines that seem to spring out directly from the artist’s emotions or feelings. Analytical lines are lines or marks that are mathematical or exact. In some pieces such as Its Time (for birds to sing), Burns uses lines to represent flight patterns of birds. This may be to show the passage of time or maybe to represent flying patterns of some sort.

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Burns also uses images in the background to symbolize a variety of different things. For example, Burns uses bowls to represent the passage of time and he layers objects on top of each other to represent history. Burns also uses birds to represent souls of people. Other objects used in Burns paintings are outlines of humans, and pillars.
I think a lot of Burn’s work is based around time and history. Not only do I say this because of what I know about his symbolism, but because of the way he puts some objects in his pieces. For example, Burn’s puts human figures in his pieces maybe to represent life or he puts the pillar in his one piece to represent older art like gothic art.

In conclusion, I thought that Burn’s show was very good! I felt that Burn’s work really caught my eye because of the warm colors used. I really liked how he made us think about his expression and create our own expression of his art. I also liked how he used symbolism throughout his artwork. This art show was a lot better than the last!


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