Ramona All Ramona`s problems are from kindergarten and from home too. 1. Ramona had a problem when her sister and her parents called her a pest, because she would always sign and jumped. 2. Ramona had a problem understanding the different meanings of the word ” present.” When her teacher telled her ” For the present I would like you to seat here Ramona please.” Ramona tought her teacher was going to give her a present. 3.

Ramona hated being embarrasad like the time when Miss. Biney telled her that there was no present, she got really embarrassed. 4. Ramona wanted to know parts of a story that were not important like ” I want to know how Mike Mullison went to the bathroom.” 5. Ramona had a problem understanding the rules like no pulling hair she pulled one of her peers hair. 6.

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She tells Davi that she’s gone to kiss him, but Davi hates Ramona. 7. Ramona also loves to please Miss Biney so she tells Davi a new way to do the D, but Miss Biney gets mad at Ramona because she tells her that she’s not the kindergarten teacher. 8. She also has a problem wearing boy boots, she like s to wear girls boots. 9.

She wouldn’t admit her faults, like the time when Miss Binney telled her that it was her fault that she had to punished her because she had pulled one of her peers hair for the fith time, but she would not admitted.


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