Pulp Fiction Review

Pulp Fiction Review Pulp Fiction Any movie lover who is looking for a different, wild, unpredictable movie that will blow their mind needs to check out Pulp Fiction. Its definitely going to blow the minds of all watchers. The Drugs, gangs, and killing, all set in the high-class gangs of Los Angeles are more than most can handle. In this Movie, gang members played by Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, and Bruce Willis wheel and deal the streets and roads of the big city.

All working for a drug lord named Marcelles Wallace, they go back and forth for four segments of different plots. These plots, which are not happening in order, along with the directors wittiness, and the vulgar graphic scenes of the show will entertain all watchers while blowing their minds along the way. This movie is without a doubt the Dennis Rodman of movies. There are absolutely none like it. Pulp Fiction is divided into sections.

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They are four, separately named different sections. Theyre all separated in the movie by a screen telling the name of the next section. They are all jumbled around in the wrong order for confusion, or who knows why else the movie does this. In the first scene of the movie, before the movie cuts to the first section, two people began to rob a restaurant. The watcher forgets about the incident until the movie is coming to a close, and the main two characters end up in the coffee shop that is being robbed. Another example of the crazy order is that in the third section of the movie, Vincent Vega, who is played by John Travolta, is killed.

Ironically, in the last section Vincent is back in the movie again. However, in the end, when the movies sections are all pieced together, and all make sense of each other, a watcher realizes that Vincent was never brought back to life. The last section happened before the third section. The wildness of the plots is a large part of why the movie Pulp Fiction is so different. The Movies vulgar scenes are another characteristic that watchers will never forget.

In one scene, Jewels goes into the apartment of men who have not gotten their drug deals taken care of, and bluntly shoots two of them after quoting the Bible. Another scene with vulgarity is when Marcelless wife overdoses on heroin and Vincent Vega is forced to give her a shot to the heart in order to revive her. The way in which the camera showed the needle, and the heroin being injected into Vincents body in another scene will catch watchers off guard as well. The movies blunt, vulgarity seems to shock watchers more than anything. If a scene toward the end, the camera shows Marcelles being raped, and later shows him shoot his rapist in the genitals with a shotgun.

All of these scenes are gory, like no other movie, and will totally blow a viewers mind. The director of Pulp Fiction, Quentin Terentino, uses wittiness that will bend and break the watchers train of thought. He uses odd story lines to bring the entire movies plot together. For example, In one section, Butch flashes back to his childhood when his grandfather passed down a watch to him from many generations. And as the section continued, the watch played a major role in an indirect way to the story line. In other sections, Vincent Vega and Jewels carry around case all day.

They fight, and even kill for the case. When the actors open the case, the camera will never reveal its contents to the watchers. Therefore the watcher never knows what is inside the important briefcase. Terentino later said the contents were a mystery even to him. The movies theme is another mystery that brings a mind-boggling subject up for conversation. Throughout the entire movie, any clock or watch visible to the camera is set on 4:20. The reason for this is another mystery but is another reason that Pulp fiction will blow watchers minds.

The movie Pulp Fiction is a classic. It is the odd ball or the Dennis Rodman of movies. There is no person that can watch Pulp Fiction without being shocked or surprised by the contents. Its plots, which are mind-boggling in them, along with the intense scenes and brilliant direction, will make movie lovers fall in love with Pulp Fiction. This production will definitely go down as one of the craziest movies of all time.

Nobody who has watched Pulp Fiction can come away from it the same. However, nobody who has not watched Pulp Fiction can go on completely a movie lover. They will never have seen the strangest movie of all time. Movies and Television.


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