Project Planning and Implementation

Project Introduction
CMGT 410
February 12, 2004
Project Introduction
Background and Statement of Need:
Alliance Services, Inc. (ASI) is a 250-person consulting firm that
provides support services to small businesses in various fields and
specialties. The company started over 7 years ago, when a group of friends
realized that a constant need existed for dependable companies that could
provide wide-ranging support services, at reasonable prices, to the small
business community. The preliminary income statement for last year is
projected to reflect a 50% growth in services and an estimated net income
of over $900,000.

Consistent growth of our customer base and the steady increase in
requests for assessments, has led to the need to increase our personnel
strength, so that we may continue providing the top-notch service that has
led to our firm’s growth. After reviewing several proposals for expanding,
the board of directors (BOD) and the Expansion Committee has agreed upon
the leasing of additional space in a new location. The new location will
provide the firm with a wider area of service. Although the new satellite
office provides opportunities for expansion and enhanced customer
interaction, it will now require Alliance Services, Inc. to implement a
technology solution that will enable employees in the new office to access
the network remotely. Therefore, a cost effective remote access solution
is needed.

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Upon successful implementation of a remote access solution, the new
office will be able to access data from the main office and vise versa. In
addition, the cost to implement this solution will be minimal compared to
other alternatives. With this link between the new office and the current
office, our staff will be able to provide customers with the personal
attention that they each deserve. This remote access solution will also
provide employees on business trips to access data from remote locations.

Alliance Services, Inc., with this expansion and the implementation of this
solution, will be able to accept new clients and service both new clients
and current clients more effectively and efficiently.

Project Objectives:
Successful implementation of a remote access solution should provide
Alliance Service, Inc. with a low cost network solution. The solution
should prove to be more effective and efficient than maintaining two
separate networks. The network must be secure and accessible from the new
office as well as other locations. Remote access should allow employees a
great deal of flexibility in accessing the corporate network and databases
from various locations. The solution should make data sharing between
employees possible. The time frame of the plan should be completed with-in
two months from the project start date. The budget for the project should
not exceed more than $10,000.00.

Potential risks that would prevent the successful completion of the
project objectives could include factors such as size and stability
factors. Size factors could include project cost and project duration.

Stability factors could include clear requirements and project priority.

The following illustration lists the risks, their rating, and the control
procedure that would be utilized in order to mitigate risk.

|Risk|Risk|Ratin|Control Procedure|
|Category |Identified|g| |
|Size|Cost of|High |Conduct budget reviews checks at each |
||project||milestone of the project. |
|Size|Project|Mediu|Allocate resource appropriately during idle |
||duration|m|times. |
|Stability |Clear |High |Conduct business analysis and business|
||requirements ||design quality checks at each milestone of |
|| ||the project|
|Stability |Project|Mediu|Keep management and team aware of the |
||priority|m|project priority.|
Mission and Goals of Project:
The mission of this project is to construct a low-cost remote access
solution. A multitude of tasks need to be completed to make this happen.

The following is a list of tasks and there definitions that are required to
accomplish our objectives.

. Define problem – In this task, or phase, we will interview the
sponsor, vendors, resources, and users. These interviews will provide
valuable information that will be used in satisfying the objectives of
the project. Also, in this stage the requirements for the project will
be reviewed. Once the project team has all this data from these
activities, they will be able to make a decision on the feasibility of
the project and maybe a recommendation as to a solution.

. Analyze solution – In this task, or phase, we will analyze the needs
of the proposed solution. For example, the project team will need to
review hardware and software needs of the firm. The team will also
need to establish


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