Prohibition Student Council Student Council is considered to be many different things. Basically it is a group of students, all working together, to make it possible for certain events to happen. It is a mix of students from all of the grades, belonging to different activities, and all contributing their own unique ideas to make student council possible. The majority of the students who are involved in student council are organized, responsible, and show good leadership skills. They’re creative and are able to contribute their ideas. They can work well with others and compromise when it is not possible for what they want to be done to happen, but they also know how to make it fun.

Student council does plenty for the school and community. For the school, student council organizes dances, raises money, and plans positive activities for the students to participate in both during and after school. The students benefit from having their own peers’ part of student council so that their opinions can be taken serious and into consideration. Student council raises money to help the community and the school. They clean up the town and in a small way attempt to make it a better place for the teens.

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Most importantly this is volunteer work done only for a small appreciation in return as well as some skills which will be beneficial in the future. I would make a good student council member. I’m responsible, organized, and I think that I have what it takes to be a good leader. I can work well with others, as well as contribute my thoughts and ideas to a group. I will help to get what needs to be done finished on time and to the best I can do. I know what is required to be on student council and that it should be taken seriously.

It is easy to see what attributes good student council members possess and I feel that I have these. Student council will be an enjoyable experience in which I shall benefit from greatly. History Essays.


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