Pornography Pornography, otherwise defined as vulgarity and obscenity, is an issue that has and will continue to call upon much debate. While there are many people who see pornography as degrading, sinful, and disgusting, there is also a large amount of people who see it as a turn on, a form of sexual expression, and entertainment. Webster’s Dictionary defined pornography as merely “the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement.” Yet there is still the everlasting question which is “does pornography serve a real purpose, and if so what purpose it that?” continues. I happen to acknowledge pornography with only a few minor glitches. I don’t believe in cens oring pornography, yet analyzing pornography that is already censored. Pornography is censored in the way in which it portrays the sexual desires and pleasures of women.

In preparing to write this report, I sat down with a group of my peers (mixed genders) and watched five pornographic films. It was unfortunate that I must report that in all of the five movies, not once did I, nor any of my friends see a woman being sexually gratified. In every movie, the man would finish and the sex would come to an end. The women seemed like they were enjoying it, but were they really? As Andrea Dworkin describes it, “women are made to smile, women aren’t just made to do the sex acts. We are made to smile.” (Stan, 33) Pornography claims that it is showing two people enjoying sex.

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Two people who have “chosen” to be there and who get pleasure out of it. However, to me it seems that pornography itself is buying into censorship. BY not honestly showing the female side to sexual desires and pleasure, pornography is in itself being censored. It is not the act of sex and sexual promiscuity that I find offensive at all about the industry. It is actually the masking of an entire gender’s sexual likes and dislikes that I find offensive.

The message this is sending out is that women enjoy having sex with a man until the man is finished, and then there is no need to continue till the woman is also sexually indebted. The issue of censorship and pornography is split into two parts. There are the people fighting to censor pornography by banning it, and we have people that argue that by banning pornography, the consequences would proceed to be an infringement on their rights to free speech and equality. What I believe is that both of these issues are brought about in the wrong way. The group that is arguing to ban pornography all together is using their freedom of speech to ban someone else’s. I find it hypocritical and unjust.

At the same time, however, the “pro-pornography” group is also being duplicitous in the sense that they are claiming to fight against censorship, when they themselves are defending something that is already censored. From a woman’s perspective, there is a significant amount of dispute surrounding the porn industry. “The anti-pornography feminists were interested in making the streets safe for women by means of punitive and far reaching legislation against pornography” (Schwartz & Rutter p.181). In other words, these women felt that pornography reveals negative signals, and makes it easier for a man to take advantage and control women sexually. To the conservative woman, pornography is seen as painful and a violation of women’s rights. “I think that these women are being exposed to things that no one would want to be exposed to.

They are battered and beaten in front of camera’s, with their things hanging out all over the place.” Said Mrs. McManus, who lives next door to me. She is an ultra conservative woman who fully disagrees with the mere prospect of porn. Another argument on the behalf of the feminists says that “men exposed to sexually explicit material and entertainment were likely to become sexual victimizers.” (Schwartz & Rutter p. 181) It is believed that those in favor of banning pornography feel no support from the government. “Those law makers are doing nothing to help get rid of that smut that is going around. Can’t they see that this nation is in the gutter, and we have to protect our children already? Why is it that we can protect the rights of pedophiles, but cant censor what is on television for real!” Mrs.

McManus demanded of me when I asked her these questions. On the other side of the coin there are countless liberal females. Some of these women were willing to share their views on the porn industry including my cousin, who is currently involved in the public relations for Penthouse. “There is a right to freedom of speech and other types of expression that we need to address. Most of the people who are against the porn industry obviously doesn’t understand it, or is not even opening themselves to the ideas.

There are women and men who think that all it is gross nudity, and displays of vulgarism. People don’t take the time to think about how many different ways the porn industry can help. For instance, it can be a source for couples to buy a movie that would enhance their lovemaking. Even a parent-child discussion on the birds and the bees would help with a magazine for visual imagery. There are just so many different aspects to porn that don’t relate to smut at all” Jean-Anne Hyland is just one of many that feel completely contrary to what the conservatives have to say on this subject. In many pornographic materials, fantasy is a subject that is commonly portrayed.

The differences in male and female fantasies can explain the differences in what arouses each sex. Many women have argued that most pornography is geared towards the males sexual desires, rather that that of the female. It is often apparent that the fantasies of men involve “hard, fast action.” (Schwartz & Rutter p.50), “It is more impersonal, more focused on specific sexual acts, and more likely to be populated with strangers or multiple partners.” (Schwartz & Rutter p.52) Female fantasies vary in the sense that they were usually “full of details about the partner and the environment of the encounter. The pace was typically slow and sensual, with lots of caressing and emotional exchange.” (Schwartz & Rutter p.55) A large percentage of people agree that most pornographic movies are geared toward arousing the male gender more than the women. This is due to the scenes that involve kinky, quick sex, as well as oral sex on the men. Porno’s that portray an intimate, loving relationship, which signify the female fantasy, are extremely rare.

When looking at the percentage of men and women who watch x-rated movies and read nudie magazines, one can see how the numbers would be so dramatically different. Most women that do partake in enjoying some porn would argue that most porn movies do not cater fully to their fantasies. Therefore the number of female viewers of porn is slowly decreasing, while the number of men viewers is increasing. There is another great debate involving pornography, which is the issue that it leads to sexual violence toward women. As I stated in the earlier paragraph, there are many movies out there that specifically show whipping women, bondage, and other things that some may look at a …


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