Pornography is tearing apart the very fabric of our society. Yet Christians are often ignorant of its impact and apathetic about the need to control this menace.
Pornography is an $8 billion a year business with close ties to organized crime.The wages of sin are enormous when pornography is involved. Purveyors of pornography reap enormous profits through sales in so-called “adult bookstores” and viewing of films and live acts at theaters.
Pornography involves books, magazines, videos, and devices and has moved from the periphery of society into the mainstream through the renting of video cassettes, sales of so-called “soft-porn” magazines, and the airing of sexually explicit movies on cable television. To some, pornography is nothing more than a few pictures of scantily-clad women in seductive poses. But pornography has become much more than just photographs of nude women.
Nearly 900 theaters show pornographic films and more than 15,000 “adult” bookstores and video stores offer pornographic material. Adult bookstores outnumber McDonald’s restaurants in the United States by a margin of at least three to one. In 1985, nearly 100 full-length pornographic films were distributed to “adult” theaters providing estimated annual box office sales of $50 million.

Pornography in the media is understood as a violation, through the use of audio-visual techniques, of the right to privacy of the human body in its male or female nature, a violation which reduces the human person and human body to an anonymous object of misuse for the purpose of gratifying control. Specialists may disagree among themselves about how and to what degree particular individuals and groups are affected by these phenomena, but the broad outlines of the problem are very scary. Frequent exposure to violence in the media can be confusing to children, who may not be able to distinguish readily between fantasy and reality.

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Psychologist Edward Donnerstein (University of Wisconsin) found that brief exposure to violent forms of pornography can lead to anti-social attitudes and behavior. Male viewers tend to be more aggressive toward women, less responsive to pain and suffering of rape victims, and more willing to accept various myths about rape Researchers have found that pornography (especially violent pornography) can produce a series of undesirable effects such as rape and sexual molestation. Specifically they found that such exposure can lead to increased use of coercion or rape, increased fantasies about rape, and desensitization to sexual violence and trivialization of rape.

What is pornography? that is the big questions that is on the mind of many activists for or against pornography. The word pornography generally means sexually explicit words and images whose sole purpose is sexual arousal. Feminists are trying to ban pornography because they feel it will lead to discrimination and violence against women, while others believe that the censorship of this type of pornography is a direct violation on the first amendment. Though not all pornography should be censored, pornography that contains sexual violence should be banned or censored because of the negative effects it has on society such as child abuse, racism, and abuse against women both mentally and physically.

The terrible effects of pornography are evident in child abuse. In a study regarding the influence of pornography on sexual offenders, a sexual offender states, ” I used the pornographic films in actual fact to reinforce my belief that what I was doing wasn’t wrong. I did show these porn films to underage schoolgirls and after they had seen them we many times copied what was going on,”. Though child abuse is not caused by pornography, it is often used by abusers to justify their actions. Therefore the influence violent pornography is more of a threat to society. In reference to police officers feelings towards the influence of pornography on criminals it was observed that, “They feel rather certain that these materials are filtering down to the young and believe that not only are they traumatic to them, but also that they are at the root of many sexual offenses”.

According to stupid pro-pornographic people, they say that pornography is imagery that is supposed to be entertaining and arousing but it can be dangerous when violence is incorporated to an initially “harmless” form of media. Imagine if a pedophile tried to reenact pornography where a woman is being brutally raped on a child. This image is an example of what happens to kids all over the world due to violent pornography. “Frequently the children are required to urinate on adults or each other. Almost invariably they are coated with semen when their abuser ejaculates over them,”. This is an example of men using children to imitate pornography. The subject is disturbing but needs to be dealt with. Young children should not experience sexual abuse at all and by censoring violent pornography it takes away violent images that abusers feed on to attack there victims and in this case children.

Violent pornography should be banned because of its contribution to racism in society. In pornography women of color are depicted as non-human.
Violent pornography that shows women being brutalized should be banned because it promotes sexual and physical abuse. Some men will say they don’t rape women because they watch pornography. But the images they have witnessed are still with them. Many times men have ask their partners to participate in a sexual position they saw in a film and though it may not be abusive it is evident that pornography influences their decisions. A victim of rape made a link between sexual abuse and pornography.
It’s obvious that the viewer sometimes model their behavior from the pornography they view. With that in mind, imagine the effects of the type of pornography that shows women being raped, beaten, killed, tortured, and sometimes the image of women enjoying this abuse. The end effect is frightening. This type of pornography sends out the message that it is O.K. to rape women because the really enjoy it. These images disrespect women and endanger them since it is clear that some men use pornography to aid them is abusing women. Therefore pornography that shows violence against women should be censored.

In conclusion, pornography that displays sexual violence or child abuse should be banned. Some argue that banning pornography is an infringement on the right to freedom of speech. But violent pornography denies women their freedom of speech, movement and safety. This papers just shows you some examples of how violent pornography has the potential to plague society. The true goal is to promote positive images of all people. In conclusion, excessive violence in any form is not a helpful tool to a society that is trying to prosper.

Also, in doing my research i’ve come to notice that feminists and religious groups are the only ones actually trying to do something about this situation. I also personally believe that Web filtering software should be issued for free throughout the world in order to help families protect their children from this terrible plague before it’s too late.



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