Political Parties and Their Roles in China and Can

adaThe systems of government in Canada and China are very different. In each country the political party system varies. In China there is a One-party system and Canada has a multiparty system. Canada has a parliamentary form of government and China has a Dictatorship. The two countries have different forms of government in which political parties play different roles. A multiparty system is a system in which several major political parties and many lesser parties exist. Each party in a multiparty system has some specific platform or interest. Since that each party would represent a different specific idea and with many to chose from the system would provide the people with a wide range of choices for the people and better represent them in the government. A multiparty system does tend to lead to instability in the government. With the many parties in the elections, it is difficult for one party to win a majority in an election. Without a majority the power to govern the nation must be shared by a coalition of parties. Which is where the trouble lies. Multiparty systems exist in most European democratic countries today and in parts of the world were Europe has had a large impact on the area. Canada is one such nation with a multiparty system.
In contrast to the multiparty system is the one party system. The one party system exists at the national level today in dictatorships. In the dictatorship there is one leader, the dictator, in power over the nation and the party that has sole control over the nation is the party that the dictator belongs to. In this system the people have no real choices with only one party to chose from. China is an example of a country that is governed with a one party system. In Canada there are many parties as is true of all multiparty systems. Some of the more important parties are Canada’s New Democratic Party, The Liberal Party of Canada, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, the Reform Party, The Libertarian Party, the Green Party of Canada, the Natural Law Party of Canada, and the Canadian Action Party, to name a few. Each of these parties has a specific platform that they represent. The Progressive Conservative Party for example is very much like the Conservative Party here in the U.S. This party believes in low taxes to stimulate the economy and less governmental programs to get things going. They believe in leaving the money with the people giving them more to spend and with their increased spending stimulate all aspects of the economy. If you agree with their philosophy of lower taxes and smaller government and you were a Canadian citizen this might be the party for you. If not then maybe you might be interested in the Li! bertarian Party on Canada. This party is a strong advocator of the rights of property owners. They are against the government interfering with your right to do as you please on your property as well as the government stretching their powers any further than is outlined in their constitution. If you own a large area of land you very well may support the Libertarian Party. Each party represents a group of people who have a common belief. Each party serves as a representation of every type of people and their views, concerns, and ideas. China, as I for-mentioned, has a one party system. China is a Socialist Dictatorship and is led almost solely by the Communist Party. That is, Communist Party members hold almost all significant government offices. The party has 48 million members and represents only four percent of the population. The Communist Party is the government of China. They are the only party in power so whatever the Communist Party wants they get if you disagree with them your out of luck.
Canada and China have very different political party systems. In Canada there are as many parties as there are different people and ideas. In China there is one. In Canada you have a wide range of political parties to chose from. There is one that reflects your beliefs. In China there is one that controls every aspect of the government and if you don’t agree with it you don’t have an alternative party. The Communist Party has no opposition in the government and can more or less pass whatever legislation they want over the people with no party to oppose them. The two systems vary in their ability to represent the will of the people. Canada does it almost too well and sometimes one party does not have enough support to win a majority. China never has a problem like that. The people of China have a very small say in the government they live under. A multiparty system allows for the people to be very well represented in their government. A one party system is not cap! able of representing the people. That is the basic difference between the two.

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