Poes writing

Edgar Allan Poe’s work is known throughout the world. He was born in
1809 in Boston. When Poe was still an infant his father left him and then his
mother died. Poe was adopted by Jon Allan. Then Edgar Allan Poe was
Educated in Europe. Poe attendant college for while, but Jon Allan stopped
Paying for his college education because Poe had to many gambling depts.
Then Poe joined to the army in 1827 he wasn’t successful in the army though.

Then Poe moved back to the United States and wrote stories in Baltimore.

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Poe was married to Virginia in 1836. Eleven years later Virginia dies of an
Illness, Poe was very disturbed. In 1849 Poe died. Poe was known as the
Readers of Poe’s work especially the short stories will find among many
Similarities. When analyzing the short stories, readers will find these
Similarities by considering the story elements: charters, setting, plot, mood,
Subject of matter, and point of view.

The characters in Poe’s stories share similarities. Often a character is
Driven by their emotions. In the Tell Tale Heart” the unidentified narrator
Becomes so obsessed with his emotions regarding the old man’s eye that he
Was driven to murder. In the Cask of Amontillado” Montessori is totally
Controlled by his overpowering feeling that he and his family name had been
Insulted. In the ” Pit and the Pendulum” the unknown narrator is being driven
By his emotions to survive and to get out of the pit. It seems Poe’s characters
Another similarity a reader will notice is that usually male characters left
Unidentified for example in “The Pit and the Pendulum” the entire story is
Narrated by a man who is certainly unnamed, but is also vague regarding his
Person. In this story he is basically the only character. In ” The Fall of the
House of Usher” the narrator who is the central character among only two
Other characters remain nameless and vague as well. The characters in Poe’s
Stories are enigmatic, mysterious, and often unidentified.

Poe’s settings share several similarities. Often a story will take place in a
Dark confined space. For example “The Pit and the Pendulum” is an area
Where it is a small closed and unidentified. Also in “The Cask of
Amontillado” it is in the catacombs mostly nowhere else. Also the settings in
Poe’s work are often vague, unknown, or far away. For example “The Pit and
The Pendulum” is very unclear it is set in what appears to be an underground
Pit during the time of the Spanish Inquisition, but it remain dark and
Mysterious. Also, the style itself is merky and difficult summing to reflect
That very darkness and unclearness of the setting. The selection revealed the
Above similarities of Poe’s settings.

Poe’s technique for plot elements shows similarities. Madness, murder,
Revenge, horror, and bizarre situations that seem to abruptly end our plot
Themes that weave their way through many of Poe’s stories. For example in
“The Cask of a Amontillado” Montessori is seeking revenge to Fortunate
Insulting Montessori and his family. Also in “The Tell Tale Heart” the narrator
Kills an old man because of the appearance of the old man’s eye which is a
Bizarre situation. Another example is “The Pit and the Pendulum” it
Contained horror and many bizarre situations.

The mood in Poe’s stories is rather sinister. Poe’s work contains
Melancholy, sinister objects, and dark and gloomy moods. For example ” The
Pit and the Pendulum” is dark and gloomy and has many sinister objects like
The pit, the pendulum, and the hot walls coming together. “The Tell Tale
Heart” is full of melancholy because a young man goes insane and commits
Murder because of the appearance of an old man’s eye. Mostly all of Poe’s
The subject of matter often contains death, murder, and revenge. For
Example in “The Cask of a Amontillado” Montessori murders Fortunate
Because he insulted Montessori. The point of view is usually always first
Person and the narrator is the antagonist. For example is “The Tell Tale
Heart” the narrator is in first person and is the antagonist because he murders
In conclusion, Edgar A. Poe is a very interesting man who is known
Throughout the world for his work. Poe’s stories are good in variety, but
Mostly all of them are evil or have a sad or bizarre ending. Poe’s is known as
The father of gothic horror. Poe is a very talented writer who has earned his


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