Platos Democracy Received A B

Plato’s Democracy- Received A B+ Platos Democracy After I have carefully read through this suggestion of democracy, I have come to realize that there is no simple solution. Some of the material suggested makes absolute sense for a democracy, however when analyzed closely does not seem practical. For example when Plato suggests: those who have knowledge of the forms should be in charge of the ruling society. This statement seems plausible because a society would be best when ruled by the acknowledged. However, how is it exactly, that you can decipher a man acknowledged of the forms and a man who claims he is acknowledged of the forms? Also, does having knowledge of the forms insure that they will apply the forms in their ruling? I am not convinced. Secondly, the military are those who enforce the judgment of reason according to this suggestion of democracy.

In addition the rest of society engages in the production of goods to meet bodily need. Is this implying that the rest of society is more or less a bunch of mindless people? So much so, they are much like robots who have no say in what goes on around them? In this case there would be no variation leaving everything uniform. I feel this would cause chaos at some point during time. Not all people could be content living under these conditions, which would most likely cause and up-roar through out the society. On a broader scope, I feel in some ways it sounds very much like much like what our society today is outlined to be.

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We have a higher power that supposedly is knowledgeable and is in charge of the ruling of the society. Secondly, we have a military who enforces the judgment of reason, being the police. And finally the rest of society engages in the producing of goods to meet bodily needs. This is all true for society today however; in our society today we are able to move from one class of people to another if desired. In Plato’s democracy, if once you are in a class you stay there and everything is based on equality among the classes then wouldn’t there have to be some form of communism that comes into play? Plato’s form of government is a controversial topic. It seems to be reasonable when reading it as a rough outline of a form of government.

Through this sense it may seem practical. However, when critiquing Plato’s democracy it is questionable if it would even be able to function and still be successful. Personally, I found Plato’s democracy to be reasonable yet not practical. Bibliography none Philosophy Essays.


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