Personal data
AddressHammad Liaqat dab #2 pakhwal chowk Mansehra.

Telephone (0987) 304206 (home)
LanguagesHindko, Urdu
Education and training
2003…Currently enrolled for Hons. BBA (3rd semester):Hazara

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2002was doing BDS from FMC (postponed the
program due to some reasons)
2000-1F.Sc. from Abasein College Mansehra
1999 Matriculated: Public ideal school Karachi.

Awards and Achievements
2003…One of top position holder
2002 Member of blood donor Committee
2000-1member of class cricket team
1999 Captain of 1st cricket Team
Abilities Developed
Business Skills: My business skills were formed and enhanced by taking
Business finance and other relative subjects’ in university, during a BBA.

Interpersonal Skills: My interpersonal skills were enhanced through my
involvement with other class fellows.

Planning and organization: I gained experience in planning and organizing
when I organized the farewell function one of the fundraising projects
during my final year in fsc. I have the ability to delegate and check on
people and to keep to targets.

Career objectives
I would like to have a bright career in the field of communication studies.

1. Mr. Fazl-i-akbar kamal principle of the Abasein college Mansehra
2. Mr.shahid karim, Mr. M. Ajmal khan, Mr. Zeeshan zeb khan and Shahid
sadiq my class fellows.


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