Physical And Psychological Addictions

Physical And Psychological Addictions Physical and psychological addictions are very alike and very different at the same time. Addiction means that the person addicted thrives on the substance or action. Physical addictions like alcoholism and heroin are sometimes very noticeable yet, psychological addictions like gambling are very hard to diagnose. A similarity between the two types of addictions are the stages that lead up to a full blown addiction. Addictions go through many stages before reaching the pinnacle of an addiction.

For example, a gambler will first start off betting a dollar, then two, then ten, then a hundred until finally the gambler is broke. An example for a physical addiction would be the stages that lead to becoming a true alcoholic. It will all start with one beer, , then Jell-O shooters, then a margarita, then just drinking liquor straight up out of the bottle, then who knows what the drinker will turn to next. After going through all of these stages the term used for the addiction is usually disease because the addiction is going to slowly kill the person addicted. Though the term addiction is usually thought of as someone on drugs or drinking, many normal everyday people are addicted to the one thing everyone has a little of everyday, caffeine. Caffeine is one of North Americas leading addictions prevalent amongst teenagers.

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Caffeine is found in chocolate, soda, coffee, and tea. In conclusion, this shows that many things can become addictive. No matter what the addiction it is not good. If more people would realize this there would be less of an addiction crisis than there is today.


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