Phantom Warriors

Title: Phantom Warriors ,book 1
Author: Garry A.Linderer
Main characters: many LRRP’s LRP’s and Ranger nits in Vietnam
Summary: The book I read was about LRRP’s (long range reconnaissance patrol) ,
LRP’s (long range patrols) , and Ranger units in Vietnam. The book told stories of
several different types of operations in the units most challenging times. The job of a unit
of this type was to infiltrate a designated RA( recon area) stealth like as possible with a
four to seven man team (sometimes larger). Once on the ground a team would set up an
OP ( observation post) and would always try and remain undetected. Because of the
small number of size an LRP would always avoid contact with the enemy but , the book
proved to me that when confrontation was inevitable the special forces units proved
themselves a truly deadly force. I would say at least ninety percent of the time LRP’s
would find themselves out numbered in a confrontation. If at all possible they would try
and escape but sometimes fighting your way out was the only way. The LRRP
Detactchment, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division had a problem like this. Staff
Sergeant Papy Lynch and his team where patrolling a high activity area when there team
was abutted by fifteen or twenty Viet Cong. Off the bat three men went down two
seriously injured and the other shot in the head. There six man team was then a three man
team. The two men at camp where busy fending off the invaders while one man that was
off doing his “business” was finding his way back. He too was cought up in the
unexpected fire and went down. Staff Sergeant Lynch called in the coordinates and after
the ammo and grenades where almost out , air support showed up. Most of the VC where
killed or ran away in fear of “Death from Above”. This was one of the most heroic stories
in the book.

Weaknesses: This was a good book. I couldn’t find many weaknesses at all . The
one thing I did notice was the similarity in each of the stories. It seamed liked the same
thing would happen in a row. The team would usually end up running from a force of
large amount. If he would have mixed up the accounts with the ones when the team didn’t
have to run it would have made the book more fun to read.

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Changes: In order to read this book you had to use the Abbreviation dictionary in
the back. It didn’t bother me though. I learned a lot from it . So the only change was the
one in the Weaknesses I wrote.

I would only recommend this book to people who are interested in history or


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