Peter And The Lost City

Peter And The Lost City Peter and The Lost City BY ANGEL MENDOZA email me at a pleasee Last year, Peter looked for a lost city. It was in the Amazon jungle. He didn’t fly. The plane was too expensive. He took a bus to Spain and a ferry to Africa.

He crossed the dessert by camel. He did not find the lost city. He looked at his map and saw a mistake. The Amazon wasn’t in Africa. It was in South America.

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So he decided to take a boat to Brazil. The boat was old, but it did not sink. The weather was bad. It was very windy and Peter was sick for two weeks ,but he was able to arrive to Brazil. Peter’s vacation was almost over, but he decided to find the lost city.

He took the hovercraft up the Amazon. The hovercraft stopped. ”The river is shallow,” said the captain. Peter stepped off the hovercraft. The river was deep and he almost drowned. He walked through the jungle for two weeks and crossed rivers.

He also climbed mountains, but he was not able to find the lost city. Then he got lost and didn’t know were he was. Suddenly, Peter saw some Indians. They were very fierce. But he was not afraid.

”I am not afraid of anything,” said Peter. ”Where is the Lost City? Peter asked. ”Go straight ahead,”said the Indian. He was very friendly. ”Take the second path on the left.

The lost city is on the right.” Peter traveled through the jungle for three days. He did not find the lost city. He came to the sea and looked at his map. He saw his mistake and took the second path on the left. He had lunch at a hotel and swam in the pool.

Then he bought some provisions, and went back into the jungle. He met the friendly Indian again. ”Straight ahead,” he said,”second path on the left.” Peter finally found the lost city. It was night, and the moon was shining. The lost city was beautiful in the moonlight. He camped for the nigh and put up his tent.

He cooked dinner. ”I’ll be famous,” he thought. ”People will remember Peter Robert’s- the man who found the lost city.” The next morning, he woke up at five thirty. He wanted to explore the lost city and found treasures. Peter came out of his tent . The lost city was full of people and he met a tourist from California, whose name was Sam Thomas.

They started to talk about the life in the Amazon River and its people. Sam’s opinion about this subject was that the Amazanian’s were not friendly, but Peter totally disagreed. Peter claimed that he had had very good experiences with the Indians. He said ”When I was traveling throughout the Amazon, looking for the Lost City, I got lost a couple of times, and the Indians were very friendly and gave me some directions to get there. They told me that if I ever needed their help to count with them all the time.

This wasn’t enough for Sam’s opinion to change. Suddenly Sam grabbed Peter’s suitcase and ran away with it. Peter was shocked and became very worry, because he had in the suitcase his medication for diabetes. Time passed, Peter kept walking for hours, but he became very sick. He stopped and laid down under a tree.

Peter rubbed his eyes and wondered where he was. After a couple of hours Peter saw the friendly Indian passed by, Peter told the Indian what had happened and agreed to help him right away. The Indian called out his tribe and they decided to take Peter to the house and take care of him, while the other half left looking for Sam. As time passed, Peter was becoming very weak. The Indians came back the next morning, they were very upset, because they didn’t find Sam.

After one week, one of the Indians came with good news, because he had found Sam. He was 200 miles away from the Lost City and at the beginning , when the Indian tried to talk to him, Sam thought that he was going to be assaulted. However, the Indian was able to explain to him the health problems that Peter suffered. This changed Sam’s opinion about the behavior of the Indians, since they were trying to help Peter by finding the suitcase that contain Peter’s medication. Sam realized how important was to bring the medicine back to Peter, and decided to rent a private air plane to meet with Peter. Fortunately, Sam was able to arrive on time for Peter to take his medicine right away.

This was a key factor to avoid the dead of Peter. After this happened, Sam cried in front of Peter and said: ” How wrong I was about this wonderful people” , please, forgive me. They both were able to become friends and invite the Indians to America. Peter thought ” I almost die, but I sure was able to find the Lost City”. Book Reports.


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