Personal Perspective

Personal Perspective Paper
We are at the beginning of a journey of understanding. Understanding ourselves, other people, and the businesses we work for. We have many tools at our disposal for our journey. Two of the most important tools are rEsource and learning teams. In this paper I will discuss the values of these tools as well as the value of problem-based learning as it relates to our work and social lives. From the time I first logged on, I saw that rEsource would be our most valuable tool.

The Value of rEsource
The rEsource course page has many useful links to utilize throughout our journey. The e-Book and library links are excellent, with them research possibilities are endless. The link for the center of writing excellence is also a considerable commodity. With this link a writing tutor can be utilized as well as a writing style critic. With these sources I plan on honing my writing skills so that I not only have the business knowledge but I will also be able to present this knowledge in an organized and professional format. The rEsource page is very well organized and provides quick links to the weekly topics, readings, assignments, and quizzes. This comes in very handy for checking current status and staying on schedule. While these links are very valuable my peers are also a very valuable tool.
The Value of Learning Teams
There is much value in forming teams. The opportunity exists to create improved processes, competitiveness, increased quality, better communications, higher morale, more creativity, better problem-solving, and better decisions. By using teams their will be more sources of different ideas, experiences, and skills. These differences allow the opportunity of finding more solutions with more creativity in the solutions. Teams also allow us to share our skills and knowledge with others allowing us to develop optimal solutions to problems as well as spotting more problems more quickly. This team effort will provide us with more ideas and alternate solutions, thus creating a better quality solution. There is always an inherent competitiveness in a team environment. This competitiveness will drive team member to higher productivity and more researching, which will lead to a more detailed decision. The quality of work will also increase because team members will take accountability for their work so nobody else can take credit for their work. This will lead to higher quality because after taking accountability for their work they will want to make sure they provide complete details in a timely manner so they do not look bad in front of their peers. This is also of high value because we will see how others approach the same problems to lead us to alternate solutions, which leads us into the values of problem-based learning throughout our journey.

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The Value of Problem-Based Learning
The value of problem-based learning is that we can use real world problems to learn from. By using these real-world problems we can apply our knowledge directly to a realistic scenario. By using realistic examples and solving real problems, we will become more adept to problem-solving outside of the classroom. This provides the opportunity to use the tools we are learning about in a hands-on manner. This approach will help us to identify problems more quickly, look at the whole picture and develop multiple solutions, and make a decision that will benefit all parties involved. There are several tools we can use to help us make the optimal decision. They are: brainstorming, alternative solutions, analyzing alternatives and assessing the risks that surround it, and selecting the best solution. As you can see we have many valuable tools to help us achieve our goals and to keep us going in the right direction on our journey.

Finally, we see that we have many valuable resources at our disposal to ensure that we are successful in our studies, work life, and social life. We have seen the values of rEsource as our main information hub throughout our studies. We have also discussed the importance of teamwork in our lives both now and in the future to ensure we succeed and our most pivotal instrument throughout life, problem-based learning. We will learn how to make better decisions and provide higher quality working solutions. Through teamwork we will develop improved processes and better communications: which will lead to more creativity, better problem-solving, and innovative solutions. We have many valuable tools that we will learn and this paper covers only a few of those tools. Used correctly these tools will provide us with a lifetime of success.


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