Personal Ethical Codes

Benjamin Ross Bunnell
Ethic: Final Paper
December 17, 2001
Personal Ethical Codes
This is really the first time Ive been asked to give description of the ethical codes I live by, so Ill narrow them down the best I can. This papers main theme is My ethical codes, but I want to show you how I plan to conduct myself in and out of the publics eyes as a student and in the future a psychologist.
I will conduct myself as an ethical person in public and in my personal life. Vocalizing and pondering on ideas without prejudice, judgment, or predetermined notions of any persons ability, disability, religious beliefs, learning style, age, socioeconomic status, social or professional standing, gender, race, and ethnicity. Intend to conduct myself in an open-minded manner when dealing with personal relationships. I will hold my personal relationships with the highest respect.

I will refrain from any and all activities which may be construed as unethical, or which may violate written and unwritten codes of personal conduct, rules, regulations and similar standards of laws of jurisdictions. What maybe lawful may still cause interruption in a persons life or mind.

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I whole-heartedly commit to developing my mind so that me as a psychology major can give back to the community the support and help they gave me. I will continue the development of myself as a lifelong learner, and seeking personal knowledge, skills and the commitment of my own potential as a student throughout my life. I also commit to sharing my current knowledge as a student so that I may help broaden the publics views on ethical, historical, psychological, and religious views with respect to their beliefs.

I will practice to the best of my ability to entertain the thoughts of all my future clients and current acquaintances without bias to predetermined beliefs or shadows of conflicting values, morals and/or judgments. Holding their feelings to the highest degree of respect and putting my beliefs below theirs. I will promote ethical thinking and living among those whose paths I encounter in all walks of life, by conducting myself in such a manner as to set the example.

I will in good faith respectfully negotiate with administrators, policy-makers, legislators and others involved in creating rules, codes, laws, expenditures, environments, programs and policies that affect the province of psychology for the benefit of my clients, and in accordance with my personal philosophy on dealing with psychological issues. I will actively request feedback from clients, colleagues, friends, ministers and others on whom my actions may bear consequences in regard to my moral, value and ethical beliefs and practices, and I will hold myself accountable for all my actions.

I will remain conscious that I will be representing a profession that is a fundamental element of human life. According to my philosophical beliefs, and I will conduct all my affairs in such a manner that will remain true to my morals and values as a person and as a student and soon enough a highly educated psychologist. I will, with great care, consideration, and dedication to my values and morals, conduct resolutions to problematic situations and ethical dilemmas, always considering the consequences of my actions in regard to all my dealings, clients and those who may be affected.

I will review my personal code of ethics periodically, and reflect on my practice as a student and soon to be qualified psychologist, and strive to make improvements wherever and whenever necessary to the benefit of the profession I seek, psychiatric specialist, and the clients I may encounter.

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