Pepe Andrade

Western cartography starts with the revival of knowledge of Claudius
Ptolemy’s Geographia soon after the year 1400 AD. Greek manuscript copies
made in the twelfth to fourteenth centuries, were brought by scholars to
Italy from Constantinople and subsequently translated into Latin and widely
studied. Ptolemy lived in the 2nd century AD in Egypt. He divided the world
in 360 degrees and introduced a method to establish meridians and parallels
and projected the round shape of the world on a flat surface. Geographers
and astronomers were influenced by his work for about 1500 years. Nothing
of his original work remains and we can only see his maps by the diligent
work of monks who copied his works and probably made their own small
contributions and interpretations as well. The coincidental invention of
Gutenberg, the art of printing, made large numbers of copies possible.

Korean Culture Center. Korea through western cartographic eyes.

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