Pauls Case comparison

As with almost any written story and movie there are differences, some
major and some minor. This is the case with “Paul’s Case”. The movie
has a few new scenes in it, yet the text goes into more detail of what
makes Paul tick.
Now in both the movie and story Paul starts out at school for a
confrontation by his teachers. Paul appears smug in both scenarios.
He also was behaving like a somewhat different young boy with his red
carnation on his button hole. This demeanor added to his smugness. He
bowed a theatrical bow when dismissed and ran with a feeling of
lightheartedness to Carnegie Hall where he served as an usher. In both
the text and the movie he went up to the art gallery and got lost in
the moment and was just about late for work. The text states that Paul
teased some of the other boy ushers and they called him crazy and
knocked him down and sat on him. This was not in the movie. The rest
of the events at Carnegie Hall remained consistent between the movie
and the text. Paul had to seat his teacher and then he sat himself and
seemed to drift away in his own state of mind while listening to the
In the text after the concert was over Paul was restless and irritated.
He followed the carriage of a performer and day dreamed about walking
inside the hotel, basically living in her footsteps. Suddenly the wet
rain filling up his shoes brought him back to reality. This was a
skipped scene in the movie. Both the movie and text show the next
scene where Paul is heading home and dreading it all the while. He
can’t bear the thought of seeing his father at the top of the steps in
his nightgown asking him where has he been. He breaks in by the cellar
and sleeps by the furnace. The next morning they went to church and
then Paul sat on the stoop of his house. This is where the text
mentions the fact that he has sisters. The movie has no mention of the
stoop or the sisters.
The text and movie also show the scene where Paul asks his dad for cab fare to go study with a friend. The exception is that in the text Paul
has prepared dinner for his father. Paul actually wants to go to the
theater. His dad gives in and Paul is on his way. Paul watches the
play from backstage, takes a flower afterwards, and dreams of going to
New York. The next day at the school, in the movie, Paul is with 2
boys and they tear up his picture of Charlie Edwards. He just walks
Paul goes to the music hall and they won’t let him in. He also goes to see Charlie and he tells him that his father asked him not to speak to
Paul anymore. This is in the movie and text. In the movie his dad
tells him he is expelled. He got him a job at Denny and Carson’s. In
the movie when he is at his new job he hears a train whistle which
makes him fanaticize and then he hears an adding machine which brings
him back to reality. The next thing you know he is on a train going to
New York city. Once there he goes to a men’s clothing shop and buys
really fancy clothes. He also goes and buys nice luggage. He then goes
to the Waldorf, up to his suite, and has roses brought to him. In the
restaurant he has champagne. He has problems pronouncing items on the menu, this takes place in the movie.
In the movie and text Paul keeps track of what the newspapers are
saying about the money missing from Denny and Carson’s. In the text he
goes with the young man and then decides the next day that he is out of
money and has to leave. In the movie he meets a young man who invites
him to go see the nightlife. He declines the offer. He see’s his father
and runs


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