Participation Report

Participation Report PARTICIPATION REPORT # 2 CHAPTER 4 PART 1 IN BRIEF MAIN IDEAS MICRO-BRAIN The first steps I would take in creating bulletin boards would be to have each of my four bulletins very colorful and I especially like the idea of a pyramid. The first board would be red and I would use yellow letters for the words systems unit, memory, and brain. I would compare the systems unit of the computer and the systems unit of our brain, which is memory. Then draw a computer and a brain then show where the memory of each is located. At the very top of the pyramid CPC would be added and at the bottom CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT.

BYTES OR BITE The next step would be to use another bright color. This color pyramid will be green with the words BIT, BYTES, and NIBBLE, and will be used adjacent to green, yellow and red apples, the combination of the two things will give the impression of how many bytes and/or digits can be taken off the apples. Some of the apples will have one bite out of it, and another will have four and so on. There will also be numbers, letters, upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet, and punctuation marks, which will be done in yellow. KILA, MEGA, & GIGA RAM—-&—-ROM My next pyramid will be orange using again big numbers and letters with several words and their meanings, such as Kilobyte is1000 bytes (KB or K), Megabyte is one million bytes (MB), Gigabyte is one billion bytes (GB).

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The words Ram (Random Access Memory) – which means content will be lost if disconnected – and ROM (Read Only Memory) which means contents is not lost if computer is disconnected – will be used along with the words data, information and memory and their meanings. I will be using yellow for my meanings and such. JARGON OF A COMPUTER The last pyramid would be done in blue with yellow lettering. This pyramid consists of a brief explanation of certain words and there use. I know that in my previous pyramids that I have used some words more than once. Repetition can be very helpful for some children. Date is a collection of facts, words, numbers, pictures and sounds. Program is instruction that tells a computer how to perform a task.

Command is an instruction given to a computer. User response is a users input to a question from a program. Each word that is underlined will be in uppercase letters and their meaning will be in lowercase letters. CONCLUDING REMARKS In each of these pyramids there are eight sections and in each section there is plenty of room to put all the information and items needed to get across to middle school children what they need to know about the computer and its parts. Using bright colors and the same yellow for each of the letters should be an eye catcher to students. The bulletin board that most teachers use is fifty-nine by fifty-nine inches This was a fun project and hope I did it correctly.

PART: 2 Before buying a monitor try it out, whenever possible ask for a thorough, hands on demonstration. Dependable retailers will allow a customer to test out their hardware and arrange special demonstrations. If not, then you should probably go somewhere else to buy your computer parts. Pay close attention to specific size of the monitor making sure the size is correct for your intended use. A large monitor allows you to view more information all at once.

A smaller monitor such as 15 inch may not give a clear screen and may give a little more glare than you might want. Determine who is responsible for the maintenance, and will you have complete support from the dealers you purchased it from? Some dealers perform on-site service others use service centers. Some computers may be sent thousands of miles away for repairs so it is best to find out if they give you one in its place while the repairs are being done. Some dealers have service contracts but you do need to make sure that a monitor is taken care of. Their service contract may only take care of your printer or something like that.

I was able to view the ViewSonic and Sony and felt the best buy for the school was the ViewSonic. It has less distortion & glare with PerfectFlat Technology plus a SuperContrast screen for brilliant contrast and color. Even though the Sony had more pixels I felt the ViewSonic EF70 was a better deal. Resolution was clearer, flatter is better and the picture has less glare. The EF70 is Energy 2000 certified for low consumption and energy efficiency and they offer great values for schools, home offices, and small or large business environments. Another plus was it was about $100.00 cheaper than the Sony.

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