In the Oresteia, instead of being a victim of fate, Agamemnon is its agent, because of the way he is shown in the story. He is its agent because he doesnt fully come into play that he is a full victim that he is a man of confused intentions and acts. He is not a victim of fate because he chooses to make the wrong decisions. On the other hand, Agamemnon is the agent because he knows that he is going to die and he goes with it. He isnt trying to cower back. He knows what will happen with his fate and he takes it as it comes. The whole story of the House of Atreus is a big example of what certain are really like now days. Agamemnon wasnt the greatest guy, but he slowly made better developments in his attitude. Especially in the way he viewed life as it was. He showed great dignity when he was going to die. Very few people have that these days. Like when some things go wrong people tend to go crazy, but his life was on the line and he stayed calm.

Agamemnon is kind of a look up to sort of a being in this story, and definitely in this sort of case that I am writing about. I know for sure if I knew I was going to die soon and it was planned out, I would be depressed and downed by that fact, I would also be like a morbid person. Agamemnon wasnt like that at all, when he knew that he was going to die, he just said okay, whatever. That is one of the hugest reasons why he was the agent of his fate.

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