Organizational Environment Uncertainty

.. should be corrected as soon as possible to achieve better levels of success. Omega maintains a reciprocal interdependence according to Thompson, where there is high communication with teamwork and adjustments. Staffing Patterns In recognizing the benefits of employees within an organization, the organization must work to minimize requirements of qualifications and maximize qualities of the individual. Many companies, as in the example of Acme Electronics, focus on qualifications when hiring and developing an integrated workforce.

However, as this case had proven, cultural diversity through teamwork and individual personality can be a greater asset in the long run. The very culture of the organization is built by qualities of individuals, not by their qualifications. These qualities work to create the framework for efficiency and productivity among the organization and its employees. Quoting an unknown source, “put round pegs in round holes” is not always the solution. A mechanical engineer may be able to assemble a printer board efficiently, however, he/she may not be able to integrate solutions among other employees and offer support to other departments and tasks within their own organizational niche.

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In this way Omega has produced a capable organization. They have put round pegs in round holes and connected these pegs to square pegs in square holes. Their success is measurable by their internal employee satisfaction and the overall quality and reputation for their products. Again, the organizational hierarchy of Acme has produced departments of skilled workers but has failed to implement the diverse, united workforce into their strategic plans for the future. Again, the difference in staffing patterns is related to the success in production of a no-defect product.

Because Acme was able to slash costs to win the project, does not mean that their organization is in a situation of control or efficiency within the industry. Organization Control Systems Information is that which alters or reinforces understanding. It is a tool and asset that is essential for every organization and their operational systems. To successfully manage uncertainty (the absence of information), and the subsequent efficiency of the organization, certain control systems must be in place. Strategic control being the overall evaluation of strategic plans, organizational activities, and results that provide information for future action, differs much between Acme and Omega.

Acme is a company of distinct hierarchical structures that focus on an information flow design through many controlled sequences. It has departments focusing on specific set tasks that are to produce benefits for the overall efficiency of the organization. Much information flows in the way of memos and instructions, and it is a more formal process. Departments may not see one another to know of the possibilities of overlap in product stages. The goal of such a strategic control system is one to produce a quality product with minimal interruption between tasks. However, as tasks are being completed the organization is divided in a series of teams on different sides, rather than a complete organizational efficient team.

Omega is an organization of efficiency through informal control systems. Its strategic vision is similar to that of Acme, however, it believes that efficiency and quality come through an organization of informality and various task job descriptions. An employee may work in more than one department on a variety of tasks. In this way every employee is aware of the possible flaws and task overlapping is decreased. This control system is an example of why Omega was the organization to recognize the design flaw within the photocopier plans, and also why their team was on time with a quality no-defect product.

The goal of Acme was simply an on-time, quality, no-defect product. For Omega the goal was to produce an on-time, quality, no-defect product as well however with teamwork being the measurement of quality rather than individual department tasks as in the case of Acme. It is clearly shown how such management control systems vary across organizations and all have their possible advantages and disadvantages. The formalized routines, reports and procedures in this case provided success for Omega and its engineering unity, however, it also shows the ability of a hierarchical task specific organization in cost-cutting procedures and such subsequent industry success as is experienced by Acme Electronics. Managerial Actions For Future Success The world of hierarchical structures in organizations is quickly changing as organizations face unique competition in their respective industries. The “blue suit” IBM organization of the 1980s has changed to reposition them among the modern day approaches to efficiency and success. Organizations and successful management teams have realized the importance of implementing a team approach in the workplace.

The end result is proven success. Working together is a solution for efficiency and cost minimization as in any part of life. Acme Electronics has positioned itself among industry leaders with their hard-nosed business tactics, however, this approach is representative only of sacrifices made to compete within their niche. They have shown in this example that their organizational control systems are lacking in productivity and efficiency. There is no control system for tasks as they are all specific.

Omega Electronics Inc. has positioned itself as a model company for the future of many industries. There control systems are in place, however, somewhat informal. This has shown to produce a team-oriented environment with highly effective personnel of employees. In this example they picked up on design flaws and produced the final product in time in good standing.

There is less form of miscommunication because departments are less specific and tasks are done in variety. In this way Omega has shown to be in a position for future success. The future of many industries lies with cultural diversity through a team oriented work environment. As the world integrates into a global village, firms must focus on their qualities and become not just good managers but influential leaders. In this way Omega has created change, and change is the key to effective leadership.

If Acme remains without change, it will strive to compete with business tactics rather than quality and efficiency, something that in the long run is somewhat unreasonable and unprofitable. Reputation is the game. It is like the old saying, “an author is only as good as their last book”. The future is full of change and implementation of change, only the willing will survive.


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