Opinions On Esoteric Practices

.. ed into a tea, act as remedy for many forms of migranes (especially those caused by severe eyestrain – like sitting in front of a terminal for 20 hours or more). Learning, using and cultivating these various plants is a worthwhile endeavor, and anyone spending money and effort in this field of Esoterica is doing so with my applause (we d o some of this here at Shadow Weaver Grove, but even with three of us working at it its a huge project!). HYPNOSIS : the great wonder field developed by Sigmund Freud and his contemporaries, I have found this field to be both a wonderful tool and a dangerous weapon. Never let yourself be put under trance state by anyone you do not trust totally as they might take advantage of your state for manipulating your subconscious in the wrong way (EX at least one case I’ve heard of of a hypnotist doing weight-loss and stop-smoking work who was including in the hypnotic suggestions a catalyst so that the patients would then make sure to brag about who they went to and urge friends and relatives to try out his service – thus a pre-programmed advertising addition!) or actually, if you’re female, take physical advantage of you while you’re in the suggestable relaxed state (there have been at least 2 cases of lawsuits against hypnotists in MASS for this practice).

Avoid Hypnotic learning tapes and videos, most of them include subtle suggestions to buy all the tapes they produce, and some include other c onsciousness manipulating messages. I had one friend who was using such and became an insomniac due to suggestions on the tape, just so the producer could sell them a relaxation and sleep-inducing tape. In other words, my advice dealing with the subject is to be real careful about who you work with, and never let someone experiment with your subconsciousness for ‘the fun of it’. NUMEROLOGY: This is a complex field that very few people truly understand. Like Astrology it takes into account personality traits and potentials in a persons life, but don’t expect it to work miracles like predicting the lottery or any such thing.

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There are very few people who claim this skill that have actually studied its sources and uses properly, so I’d avoid it until you can take the time to sit down to a few years study in the Quballa, the tree of life and its related sources. Don’t waste big bucks on this, especially on people who do it mail order, all you’ll get is garbage in=garbage out. PALMISTRY : one of the older forms of divination, it works on the belief that you can perceive something about a person through the wrinkles and natural muscle structure of their hand. Quite frankly this section of the field is full of frauds and fakes out to make big bigs..If you pay ridiculous sums for this you get the rip-off you deserve. There are a few people who doi this accurately and are not fakes, but like channelling, it is a very limited few.

Anyone who offers to do this thru the mail or from a distance is almost 99 and 95/100% a Fraud, as a true reader has to not only see your hand but be able to touch it to get some psychometry off of you and to carry on dial.ogue to better define what they are perceiving. If you find them at a carnival or side show don’t even begin to believe you’re getting the reality. SUBLIMINAL RECORDINGS: Very similar to Hypnotisim, these tapes utilize the fact that you can mereg words on one track of a tape and mix it with music on other tracks to induce you to perform certain things (Quit smoking, etc.). Avoid these, they are just as bad as the Hypnosis tapes and far more efficient in the long run because they’ve had 35 years to experiment and get the process right! TAROT CARDS : My first introduction into the world of the Esoteric was through this, the oldest surviving means of applying you sub-conscious in evry day activities. I have a firm belief in the benefits of a deck, as it takes the mind of the user, applies the sleeping parts of their instinct and insight (as Jungian psychiatrists will tell you) and produces answers to pressing questions in their lives and the lives of others. Most people place a huge amount of ancient hocus-pocus and fear into the cards and thats what they get back from them.

I look for viable paths open to take dealing with the subject question at hand and follow them thru almost as you would flow chart a computer program, but without knowing where the chart is going until its complete. Some of the best decks on the market include the Brabra Walker Deck (a bit harsh on its imagery but efficient!), The Hanson-Roberts (AKA Fairytale deck, its imagery taken from classic fairytales of the medieval and renesance eras), The Morgan’s Deck (created in the 1960’s style with simple line drawings and no suits or trumps and a really good sense of humor on its making by the author) and the Mythic Deck (Designed on the images of Greek Myths and the classic ideas behind them, very good for someone who knows mythology and well-packaged with a very informative guidebook). When buying a deck always choose one that has images on it you like and can deal spending many hours looking at, as you will in order to learn its value as a tool. A really nice varient on the market just recently is the ‘Stargate’ deck, unique in that the cards are written on on both sides, but useable by beginers with a few weeks of practice (Its almost totaly Jungian, but with no Archetype beings, only dream-work forms). You can spend quite a bit or very little for a deck, though again I keep myself to my $25 rule, and once you become real proficient with one deck then branch out into others (and not before or you’ll simply become a collector of an odd form of artwork and not a Tarot reader). Always avoid taking a reading you do just for yourself as being pure fact, there are 1) always variables that might not be shown and 2) your emotional state can influence the cards, if you’re depressed the reading will usually only make you more so.

Avoid any deck that claims to be the ultimate or end-all be-all deck, there is no such thing for you unless you become advanced and skilled enough to design your own working deck (it took me 4 years before I was ready to start one, and its not yet ready for public consumption). Each person lives a diffrent life, thus experiences a diffrent reality, and though two may be similar they cannot be identical in all the details and the philosophies that arise from them. Think before you put your total faith in one reading..often getting a good second opinion is an excellant option. When it comes to finding someone else read for you, the best choice is someone who you can trust to keep the informati on confidential, either someone in your life you do trust who reads or a ‘stranger/acquaintenc’ who is far enough away as to not be influenced by the problem or your life-choices. Remember Tarot is a tool to make decisions with, not simply the fortune-telling toy it is presented as by many. It can help you follow trains of thought and where a situation/focus , might lead but it can’t make random prophecies about the futuire or help you to win the lottery. If anyone is interested in entering into the occult/esoteric world, the Tarot is my advice as a starting point of learning.

Once you’ve got a deck and begin to understand it then you should seek out someone who is experienced to help you refine yourself in their useage (and Tarot is one of the few accepted forms of Esoterica,to the point that many community colleges and adult education programs include a study of them as a psychological tool). Anyone who’d like a reading should contact me thru this bbs’s mail, and if you live nearby (within MA/NH/RI and sometimes CONN) and could make the trip or arrange transport for me and maybe buy me dinner or something I’ll sit down with you for a prolonged session of workings and discussion .


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