Olympic Games Still Capture Gold

Olympic Games Still Capture Gold The Olympic Games still Capture the Gold It is a shame the Olympic Games last only one month every two years. The Olympic Spirit represents all that is good in the world. The games have set the standard, in addition to athletic excellence, for global harmony. It is inspiring to see the fans who attend and the spirit of the athletes that continue to compete, in the face of a fundamentally insecure environment, and an insecure world. The Olympic Games are a celebration of world-wide pride, fair international competition and, human excellence made possible through cultural unity.

The Olympic Spirit is resiliant and really does live within ordinary people. The Olympic games are about humanity’s best, put forward on the field of competitive play. However, what is more important is the dimension of heart that is placed in all of this. Hearts swell with pride, not only when their own country excels or wins, but when anyone, from anywhere, with a strange face or unfamiliar language, puts forth the best he or she has to offer. This worldly pride, this moment of cultural unity, sets a good example if only for one month every two years.

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It allows stereotypical views of others to fade and the power of love and peace to grow within many human beings. It is unfortunate that the Games, as always, inevitabley commence and reality sets back in. The world does not have countries showing love and support for one another. Instead, these countries bomb, kill, forget and wage war against their fellow man. Admist all this mess it is plain to see the Olympics provide a sense of hope. This cultural gathering shows us that the human race can work together, and if they did all the time, the Olympic Games could one day be a microcosm of reality.

Athletes are asked to take the following oath prior to participating in any Olympic Games: In the name of all competitors, I promise that we will take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by all the rules which govern them in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams. This oath sets the standard for fair, international play. All countries, whether at war, or peace are brothers. They shake hands after matches, combine voices in singing, and march through the Olympic stadium as one. That is why the Olympics demands respect for all countries through fair-play. It’s a horrible thing when people don’t give the same respect back, by not playing fair with the Olympics.

When an act of vicious terror like the bombing in Atlanta occurrs, it is clearly directed at the spirit of democracy. It seeks to rip also at the Olympics. The bomber should have realized that though the spirit of democracy may be broken, the Olympic Spirit is always there, it grows stronger because people have faith in it’s existense, in what it stands for. Then there are the athletes, (ones that should not be given the classification of an athlete) who decide to go against the Olympic Oath. Although some could argue it gives people a poor outlook on the Game’s cultural signifigance, they must see that the athelete’s ignorance is drowned in cheers coming from all nations, in support of the true Olympic spirit. The Olympic Spirit not only builds cultural unity, but national pride through human excellence.

4 years ago, when the Games were in Atlanta, what kind of Canadian could one call themself if they were not watching Donovan Bailey sprint to capture the title of World’s Fastest Man? Canadians filled with new-found national pride were appauled when Michael Johnson claimed he should hold the title. How ecstatic with delight were Canadians when Bailey, (with the Canadian Flag proudly sewn across his chest) challenged Johnson to a 150m race and beat the pants off of him? A Canadian who was not caught in Olympic fever at this time, who did not feel a certain national pride, was simply not a true Canadian. One man simply running in a straight line, but doing it better than anyone else ever had, made the country get to it’s feet and join as one. People enjoy watching these athletes because they appreciate their attempts to become the best in the world. It gives humans faith in the fact that through dedication and determination any dream can be sought out. These Olympic athletes serve as heroes, role models, and a testament to the capabilities of the human body. In conclusion, it is proposterous to say that the Olympics should not have a role in the new Millennium.

It is true that the times have changed, and the world is now connected in many ways materially. The human race is connected through networks, computers, satellites, and other forms of technology that allow us to communicate. This is looked upon as a huge step for mankind, but what real connection is it, if it is only material? The Olympic Games demands that people be connected spiritually as well. All the technology, connection, communication, and global business will be a hollow achievement without a corresponding spiritual revolution, bringing us together, even in our differences and disagreements. The Olympics should set the standard for our behaviour as human beings throughout the world. Sports and Games.


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